Keeping your sheets clean is important for every member of the family.

The Best Ideas for Keeping Your Sheets Clean: A Round Up

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There is nothing more relaxing than slipping into a bed with brand new, fresh and clean sheets, is there? However, putting new, fresh sheets on your bed every day would be time-consuming and very expensive. Luckily, sheets can be washed in a home washing machine so it is not impossible to keep them clean regularly in order to maintain that wonderful feeling. We have put together a few tips that can make the washing process easier on you and also help you keep your favorite, softest sheets clean —along with some advice on how to keep sheets smelling fresh.

Washing Techniques

Sheets do not endure as much wear as your gym clothes or your favorite jeans, but you do spend many hours using them each night. Therefore, washing them regularly is important. recommends washing your sheets weekly — with every other week being the bare minimum. Washing your sheets using your standard washing machine is fine. If you can wash your sheets in hot water, you will kill more fungi, bacteria and other “nasties” that could be hiding within. Use a quality detergent — one without dyes and scents is recommended if you have any allergies.

There is no need to pretreat your sheets unless they have visible stains. However, if you need to do so, any standard stain treatment will work fine and should get rid of most stains. For body oil stains on sheets, try spraying them down with a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid before you run your sheets through the washer. The most important part of the wash cycle is rinsing. If your washer has an extra rinse feature, utilize that — it will make sure you get rid of any soapy residue that can irritate your skin and make your sheets look dingy.

As far as drying your sheets, many people like to hang them in the sunshine for freshness. If you choose to do this, you’ll want to make sure they are away from trees and plants, so they do not pick up pollen or dust. Additionally, you may want to toss your sheets in the dryer a few minutes afterward just to be certain they are dry.

Keeping Sheets Fresh When Stored

If you have multiple sets of sheets and rotate them, or you have different sheets you use in winter and summer, you will end up storing your sheets in between uses. While your sheets may smell fresh and clean when you are done washing them, they can start to get musty or less-than-fresh when you store them.

The most important thing to remember when storing sheets is that they should be completely dry. Run your dryer a few extra minutes to ensure that they are completely dry. If you dry them on the line, make sure you dry them in the dryer afterward too. If your sheets are not dry and you store them, they can easily become mildewed or just start to smell musty.

Even if you do not use fabric softener because you have super soft sheets, you may think about using it for freshness. Check out the different brands on the market and choose one that has a scent that appeals to you and that is supposed to stay fresh longer.

Finally, look at your storage space. Is it clean and does it offer the opportunity for air to flow freely around your sheets? Using a dedicated linen closet is always best, but if you do not have this available, make sure you do have plenty of space and you are not going to crowd them in with anything unpleasant.

Tips to Freshen Sheets Between Washes

While you might prefer to wash your sheets more often, chances are getting them washed once a week is a big enough challenge. These tips will help you enjoy fresher, cleaner sheets in between washes:

  • Make Your Bed - When you get out of the bed, take the time to make your bed right away. You can shake out any dust or crumbs and then making your bed will protect it from pets, dust and allergens.
  • Try a Linen Spray - Spritz your sheets and bed coverings with a linen spray to keep them smelling fresh. Rosewater is a great, more natural choice, or there are many products you can purchase from your local grocery or department store.
  • Change the Pillowcases - You may think about picking up some extra pillowcases so you can change those out in between washes. The pillowcases become dirty quicker than the rest of your sheets so changing those out can make a big difference.
  • Shower Before Bed - One final tip is to take your shower at night instead of in the morning. If you are clean when you go to bed your sheets will stay cleaner, longer.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to keep your sheets cleaner and fresher. By putting in a little time each day you will be able to climb into a clean, fresh bed every night.

No matter how you decide to clean your sheets, remember that comfort comes down to sheet quality. If you would like more information about hot sleeper sheets that will make every night of rest the best it can possibly be, choose PeachSkinSheets!