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    Facebook Comments and Testimonials

    Facebook Comments and Testimonials


    "I love my sheets! Best I have ever had! The first time I laundered them and opened up the washer I though I had forgotten to turn it on! They spun to almost dry. 10 minutes in the dryer and they come out soft and wrinkle free! If you have never tried these and you are in the market for new sheets or a gift for someone, this is a great product for a great price!"
    ~ Lanie F. in Sandersville, GA


    "We bought PeachSkinSheets at the Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama while on vacation….best purchase ever!  I have always bought Egyptian cotton and have been very pleased. These sheets are softer! Even my husband noticed! PeachSkinSheets launder beautifully too. Love, love, love these sheets!" ~ Elyse Baker in Cattaraugus, NY


    "I want like 50 more sets! Best Sheets EVER! I had problems with sweating at night...not anymore! These are the real deal. They are soft, they stay on, they wash like a dream, and they are cool when you want them cool and warm when you want them warm! I am such a happy customer!" ~ Anndria T. in Clayton, NC




    "Let me preach to the world how soft these sheets feel! I can't wait until I climb into bed at night! Amazing!" ~ Verron F.  (Facebook User)


    "I have just washed my sheets I received yesterday. Am so excited. I know what I am buying for all of my friends' Christmas this year!" ~ Sarah R. in Milledgeville, GA.


    "I will definitely be ordering a second husband who never notices anything immediately said "oh, the bed feels so nice and soft"... that speaks volumes for me and I love the fabric. Thank you!"  ~ Pat O. in Macon, GA.




    "I saw these sheets at a festival and was very skeptical. I was intrigued by the moisture wicking claim. We needed sheets anyway so I went ahead and purchased a set. WOW - the best sheets I have ever owned. They really do keep moisture away. I will definitely purchase more. I have been extremely pleased! And, they wash and dry quickly. You can't go wrong with these sheets!!"  ~ Sandra U. in Simpsonville, SC


    "I'm a new customer and just ordered my second set! I cannot stand to be without them!! I'm so glad I stumbled across your site :-) If you're wondering about giving these a try, do it!!! You won't regret it!" ~  Rita M. in Enterprise, AL


    "These sheets are like sleeping on a cloud. soft and comfortable.  I never get hot and used to kick sheets off ..not anymore!  I just want to stay in bed and sleep!" ~ Joyce P. in Marshville, NC




    "Just wanted to send a quick message to tell you how much we like the split king sheets we ordered.  They fit the bed perfectly, love the color and softness!  We definitely will be ordering our sheets from PeachSkinSheets!" ~ Diane O. in Hernando, FL


    I absolutely LOVE PeachSkinSheets!  I have ordered multiple sets for myself, my children, and recommended your product many times to friends and family!" ~ Tiffany C. in New York, NY


    "Wow!! These sheets are true to the description and then some!! I will NEVER sleep on any other brand! I even ordered a second pair and am a fan for life! ~ Rachel L in Boise, ID




    "These are the best sheets I've ever bought. I was looking for a specific sheet when I stumbled upon PeachSkinSheets website. I will never buy any other sheets again. They wear well, wash wonderfully and I have told everyone about them. I have just ordered more sheets for the July specials. Keep up the good work, and never change them. They are wonderful."  ~  Rena K in Delphios, Ohio




    "Best sheets I have ever purchased. We absolutely love them and they just keep getting softer!"
    ~ Deen W. in Memphis, TN.


    "I love my PeachSkinsheets! I purchased two sets and got a pair of Red pillowcases free! My 5 year old grandson loves them too! Before I purchased the PeachSkinSheets he would wake up with wild hair from sweating during the night! Every time he spends the night with Grandma he asks for his Red pillow! I will be purchasing more sheet sets in the future!"  ~ Lorene G in Opelousas, LA.


    "Love my PeachSkinSheets! Will never use another brand after these!" ~ Barb K. in Suwanee, GA.


    "I could truly feel the difference after just one night's sleep on these sheets.  The fabric is extremely comfortable and rather than hold one leg out each night to make sure my body stay somewhat cool,  this girl's legs stayed in the sheets all night long!   Now that says something!" ~ Leigh Anne Borders in Atlanta, GA.




    "These sheets are the most amazing, comfortable, soft sheets I've ever crawled into!!!!!!!  I love them so much.  I have finally found the most perfect sheets .... I am so glad I found you!!"  ~ Barb C. in St. Cloud, MN


    Accidentally came across this site when I was looking for sheets that wouldn't make you sweat. Ordered 2 sets on Thursday and on Saturday they arrived. I absolutely LOVE these sheets!! Soft and comfortable is not the word! If you haven't tried them yet, please do as you will be so glad that you did!! I also have the extra thick mattress in king size and they fit like a glove! I am so happy and pleased and can't wait to order some more!! Thanks PeachSkinSheets for making a product that we love!!" ~ Brenda S. in Lizella, GA.


    "I am so impressed with your sheets.  I have recommended them to my friends and relatives and I will be purchasing more at Christmas time for my children.  I can honestly say that these are the most luxurious sheets I have ever slept on and everything you advertise is so true."  ~ Karen F. in Endicott, NY


    "I went on the hunt for new sheets recently after the sheets I have had…forever…. ripped. After attempting to buy 'just any sheets' I found on sale… I discovered that what you sleep on does in fact make a huge difference in a persons nights sleep. So I started to do research. I did not want to waste money on sheets that were not worth it what I paid for (even if they were on sale). I found your site as I was looking. I was intrigued. I ordered one of your color of the month special sets for my king size bed. Then I waited. I will be honest, I was a tad worried that these sheets were too good to be true. But you put all those worries to rest. I was very impressed with the fast delivery, the presentation of the package (the inside of the box, the peach tissue paper and sticker). I was even more impressed with the feel of the sheets. Soft is an understatement. And because of the "deep" pockets… they were so easy to get on my bed. I love these sheets… my husband loves these sheets… and I am ordering my second set today! The only problem I have with these sheets is that I do not want to get out of bed! You have made me a fan, and I plan on telling everyone about these sheets!" ~ Hannah B. in Hartville, OH



    I used to use Egyptian sheets and once I tried PeachSkinSheets, I have never gone back. After I take a set off my bed to wash they get replaced with another set. Amazing. Thanks!"  ~ Brandy Leann in Smyrna, TN.


    "Oh boy when I received these sheets I WAS IN HEAVEN! I put them on my bed right away, and I have to say they fit great. I have a large foam Mattress pad on my bed and I usually have a hard time getting the sheets to fit over it. Not with PeachSkinSheets, they have deep pockets and will fit over any bed. I usually wake up a few times a night, but with these sheets I seem to sleep the whole night away. They are so light and airy, and breathable especially on those hot nights." ~ Paula B. in Utica, NY


    "What I really love though is how the fabric seems to wick away body temperature.  My husband is a very hot sleeper and I like it cold, and these sheets seem to work great for both of us.  They are lightweight but perfect for winter or summer." ~ Cher K. in Chicago, IL


    I found Peach Skin Sheets at Taste of Kennesaw about a year ago. I wanted to try them badly, & happened to win a free set! I was in love when I received them. So much so, I have been telling everybody and their mama to buy them. I have all my friends in Ohio ordering them and loving them too. I will continue to buy PeachSkinSheets until I've replaced all of my others. I only want PeachSkin on my skin." ~ Kara W. from Atlanta, GA.


    "These sheets are so much more than your average sheets. This is a sheet set that will be used over and over again! Comfort and luxury all wrapped in one. Once I fall asleep on these sheets,  I fall into a deep slumber and stay that way for a long time.  These sheets are light, fluffy, and airy. I love that they are so breathable even on those hot nights. They keep the moisture at bay and allow me to sleep peacefully." ~ Melissa W. in Rhode Island, NY


    “I have standards and PeachSkinSheets meets every of of them!  I’m a bit like Goldilocks when it comes to sheets.....texture, temperature, fit and wear. Right from the get-go they are super soft to touch, so there is no need to break them in.....they are durable...generous in sizing, they fit perfectly on my king size, pillow top mattress" ~ Jennifer R. in San Francisco, CA.


    “Picked up my sheets this weekend, and used them last night and LOVED THEM!!!! I can not wait until bedtime tonight to try them out again. I have been anxious to try them out since they are currently a fundraiser for my son's school.  Having tried the sheets out myself, I have no problem posting the ad/flyer on my Facebook page asking friends to support our school, and your amazing sheets.” ~ Danielle T. in Powder Springs, GA.


    "I LOVE these sheets!!!!!" ~ Angela Y. in Charlotte, NC


    "PeachSkinSheets are not your average, everyday sheets. They are so much more!  The sheets are so nice to sleep on. Even my husband - who doesn't really think about things like sheets – commented on how soft they felt." ~ Kimberly V. in New York


    "My kids even noticed my sheets right away, which I found shocking when my seven year old son said, “Hey, I like those sheets!” Really, he doesn't even notice my haircuts but he noticed the sheets- what?!" ~ Scarlet P in Nashville, TN.


    "My son LOVES his set of new sheets and its the first time I've noticed him lounging around in bed.  I think they are very comfortable for him so we are pleased with our purchase!  " ~ A. Diaz in Suwanee, GA.


    "Night sweats are one thing that disturbs my sleep most frequently. With PeachSkinSheets, they kept the moisture away and allowed me to stay dry and comfortable throughout the night." ~ Jenn W. in Carlsbad, NM.


    "If there would be one thing, just one thing, I was allowed to take to a deserted would be my new PeachSkinSheets. I cannot STAND a sheet that isn't buttery soft...these are a new brand for me and I was prepared to hate them. I had always bought Brand X....always. UNTIL they went up to $140 PER SHEET. Are you kidding me??? These sheets....OMGosh. They suited this girl IMMEDIATELY. They are light, but sturdy and well made. They are so soft it's like a whisper on your skin BUT, they provide warmth when you need it. AND best of all, I can find cool spots while I'm sleeping!!!! There is minimal wrinkling....put them right on the bed or fold them up....they go right back to being perfect. And the price!!!! Well, this particular girl loves these sheets! Can't wait to buy more!" ~ D. Young in Centerville, OH.


    "To quote my husband, "I love these! They are amazing!" ~ Lisa W. in Elgin, TX.


    "PeachSkinSheets have everything I look for in a sheet set — they feel nice, they fit well and they are affordably priced. Everything else is the cherry on top!" ~ Holly D. in Snohomish, WA.


    "After staying in a lovely B&B in Santa Barbara, I was in search of wonderful, soft sheets but quickly found out how expensive they were.  Through online reviews I was directed to PeachSkinSheets....I am so very happy with these.  Since then I have been going through chemotherapy and have neuropathy as a side effect, very bothersome at night.  Last night, I was thinking about how much I love these sheets, they feel so nice! And they launder beautifully, wrinkle free." ~ Ruth K. in San Clemente, CA.


    “Dear PeachSkin Sheets folks, Although I'm overall a pretty upbeat and optimistic person, I'm also picky and can unfortunately be rather critical. On one hand I'm generous with praise, but on the other hand I do a lot of eye-rolling and head-shaking when a product or service is underwhelming. You'll now understand it's a big deal when I say: "PeachSkinSheets are a happy ending to every day." Both my husband and I just sigh at the pleasing texture of the sheets. This is our second order of sheets--I can hardly stand sleeping on anything else (we already take our own pillows when we travel, now I'm wondering if we'll be taking these sheets as well!) We've been disappointed with most of the flannel and other sheets purchased over the years. It's a joy to know that every purchase of PeachSkinSheets will be a welcome experience. Thank you for such a grand product that matches its claims. And, applause to the lovely presentation when you open the delivery box. Nicely done."   ~ Happy Sleeper, Julia Ryan


    "I don't know why it took me so long to take them out and put them on my bed...I love love love these sheets! I have never felt sheets so soft! I try to describe them to people and the best way I tell them is how smooth and creamy a fine chocolate looks when it is being prepared, how its all silky and smooth looking. That is what the sheets remind me of..a very fine chocolate :)" ~ Angela from Another Chance For Animals


    "These really are amazing sheets.  Hubby and I love 'em." ~ Penny from Keep The Faith on The FISH 104.7


    "I have not been able to sleep in a bed since my knee replacement Nov. 10, 2014. I just can't get comfortable and have been sleeping in a recliner. So that's almost 9 weeks sleeping in a chair. Yesterday, I made up the guest bed with my new beautiful Peachskin Mint Julep sheets. I decided to give it a try, and I slept for 7 hours straight!! I will be putting new sheets on my bed in the master bedroom tonight. These are as soft and amazing and advertised. I love them!! Thank you!!" ~ Chelle B. in New Kent, VA.


    "I bought a queen set for my wife and me for Christmas. We put them on the bed and have been absolutely amazed at how comfortable and wonderful they are! We have never slept better or more comfortable than on these sheets! My wife sleeps cool and I sleep warm and interestingly the cover hogging is now no longer a problem because we both are comfortable. They are also the softest sheets we have ever had ... I can't say enough good about these awesome sheets and we will be buying more!!! ~ Rodney W. Atlanta, GA.


    "Take it from an admitted sheet snob.... Your spouse will LOVE YOU MORE when they get PeachSkinSheets for Christmas. We ordered our first set a few weeks ago and they are AMAZING! Seriously, they live up to the hype!" ~ Chip M. in Locust Grove, GA


    "They are fabulous!  They are the most comfortable sheets we have ever owned.  We can't wait to get another set!" ~ Maxanne A. in Charleston, SC  


    "I am not normally into sheets, but after my wife bought these I told her that I won't sleep on anything else." ~ John S. in Dallas, TX


    "My husband I purchased a set at The Home Show in Raleigh, NC back in September and I can honestly say they are the best sheets we have ever had.  The sheets will be enjoyed by many family members. Thank you for such a wonderful product." ~ Jo K. in Durham, NC


    "I LOVE THESE SHEETS !!! Bought a set at the Duluth Fall Festival (eggplant color) and all I can say is WOW !! Great quality, awesome feel to them. Washed them and incredibly soft and silky. Going to purchase the Harvest Gold next. So glad I have finally found a set of sheets that is a fantastic price AND fantastic quality. Keep up the good work!!"   ~ Christine A.  in Duluth,GA.


    "The best thing for us is that my husband is always hot and I am always cold. These sheets because of their breathability allows him to stay cool while giving me warmth. This is hard to find in sheets. In fact for the past 12 years we’ve shared a bottom sheet but we use different top sheets. I usually use a flannel one while he uses cotton. Now I don’t have to purchase multiple sets of sheets to keep us comfortable!" ~ Holly in Saint Leonard, MD


    "I purchased these sheets last year (2013) before Christmas. We absolutely love them. They are the softest sheets that I have ever seen or had.  They wash beautifully and dry so quickly. These are the only sheets we have had on our bed in the past 10 months, they have been washed weekly and they are still like new. No pilling,  the fabric is strong and the color is still like it was when we purchased them. They never lose their initial softness. These are definitely worth the money and I will be buying more."  ~ Kim D. in Canton, GA.


    "I had never heard or Peachskin Sheets until on a rare walk through the Perimeter Mall one evening I came upon a super nice lady selling Peachskin Sheets.  I stopped to check them out.  They felt yummy and I was redoing by bedroom in chocolate brown. So I bought a set.  These are the best sheets I have ever slept on, my dog Enzo also like them ( he has moved from my son's bed to mine).  They are soft, cool, dry quickly and don't wrinkle or pill.  I've always hated wrinkled sheets, so I would iron them.  Now I wash, dry and put back on my bed.  I've raved about the sheets so much my son has ordered me another set.  
    ~ Lou W. in Fayetteville, GA.


    "I just received my sheets and duvet and couldn't wait to put them on the bed! They feel like heaven!! I have a disability which causes nerve pain, burning, etc in the skin and really needed soft sheets. These are perfect!! My disorder also keeps me in bed a lot, so comfort is a huge issue. I immediately posted on Facebook to my "group" who also have this disorder. I hope you get some referrals from them as they face the same issues as I do. Thank you so much for the wonderful product! I'm so happy!" ~ Tonya I. in Charlotte, NC.


    "WOW! Thanks for sending my Queen navy sheet sets so quickly. I have 3 daughters and I will be ordering these "peachy keen" sheets for each of them and their spouses for Christmas. Thanks again for your prompt service! We ❤️ our PeachSkinSheets sheets! I have attached the "peach" clips to a couple of my purses and I share this find with lots of friends and family! My GRANDsons ❤️the zipper bags to store their craft supplies and small toys. We ❤️your product and your excellent service!"  ~ Jane and George B. in Athens, GA.


    "The Best Sheets You Will Ever Sleep On!!!!!" ~ Charles R. in Murfreesboro, TN.


    "The only problem I have found with the sheets so far is everyone fights over whose bed they go on.... I wish there was a better word I could use other than soft so you knew how soft they were! These are like butter!"  ~ Kelly H. in Knoxville, TN.


    "I just received my sheets today and they are very pretty and soooo soft. Can't wait to go to sleep tonight. AWESOME!"   ~ Terrie Carlson D. in Purvis, MS.


    "Awesome sheets. I have them now for all my beds. Never wrinkles!"   ~ Trish Small in Atlanta, GA.


    "On the day that I received these sheets my central a/c decided to stop running. Since I live in a warm climate state, things like this happen quite often from running it constantly. They were very soft to the touch and I was excited to test them out specially since it was going to be a warm night ahead of me. I must tell you that these sheets did actually what they were supposed to do. They kept my body temperature cooler than I expected. I didn't sweat or toss n turn. I was completely cool and relaxed just like how I wanted."  ~ Michele D. in Davenport, FL.


    "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray I have some PeachSkinSheets"  ~ Lisa R. from SeaStar Vacation Rentals in Destin FL.


    "Beautiful color!! This is my first set and they exceeded my expectations!!! Softest sheets and they keep getting softer! Will most definitely recommend these sheets to friends and family. Our sleep has improved a lot with theses sheets. Thank you for a great product."
     ~ Dawn H. in Gonzales, LA. 


    "Sometimes I have trouble finding sheets that fit my bed. It's a Tempurpedic and not all sheets fit nicely. PeachSkinSheets slipped on perfectly and despite being a rowdy sleeper, they never budged. It was as if they were made for my bed! After sleeping on them for a week I didn’t want to take them off to wash them because I might be without them for a night. Luckily, these sheets dry incredibly fast and I was able to put them right back on my bed." ~ Sarah R. in Portland, OR.


    "I get so hot at night even with the ac on and usually have to flip my pillow a few times, and throw the sheets on and off a few times. These sheets are awesome. They don't feel like they are clinging to me at all. They feel very light and soft and I don't feel like I'm laying in a pool of sweat all night."  ~ Jenn Z. in Silver Springs, FL.


    "I LOVE these, they are the softest thing to ever touch my body and they feel so good.  I want to throw away the rest of my sheets and pillowcases except for the fact I only have one set of these....maybe I will live it up and spring for two!"  ~ Vicki B. 


    "Harry B. put a note on FB a while back to try these sheets! I'm always looking for comfortable sheets! I was a little hesitant with the great price. I took the plunge and they are AWESOME sheets! Going to order some more!"  ~ Elizabeth L. in Portland, OR


    "These sheets are the best. I will be ordering more and will give them as gifts." ~ Karen I. in Conyers, GA.


    "Love these! Cannot wait for May's color of the month!"  ~ Patricia L. in Millersville, MD.


    "I get cold easily and my husband is always hot so Body Temperature and Moisture Management Technology is one of my favorite features of these sheets. Also night sweats are big in our house and even I have woken up to being soaked in sweat and sticking to the sheets in the past, but not with PeachSkinSheets. They have improved our nights greatly."
    ~ Ruby in Evansville, IN.


    "I purchased the king size sheets last Sunday at the Cherry Blossom Festival.  I washed them when I got home and put them on the bed, WOW! I wish I had purchased another set!  I know what every family member is getting for Christmas...." ~ Karen in Conyers, GA.
    "These are the best sheets and cases you ever laid your bod on!" ~ Vicki B. in Columbus, GA.
    "Absolutely the most comfortable set of sheets I own!!!" ~ Aimee M.  
    "Best sheets bar none!! UNBELIEVABLY WONDERFUL!!" ~ Harry in Atlanta, GA.
    "After just one night’s sleep I could tell the difference from my old sheets. The fabric was so comfortable I fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep without the normal waking up every few hours. I find myself wanting to touch them all the time loving the way they feel." 
    ~ Ruby in Evansville, IN.


    "I've officially out-fitted everyone I love with a set of Peach Skin Sheets--even Abby!!! In addition to myself, each of my three grown children LOOOVE these sheets. I also bought a set for my guest room and the aforementioned Abby dog!!! I tell everyone about your phenomenal bed sheets. Thanks for such a quality, yet affordable, product. They are just peachy!!" ~ Lynne W. in Destin, FL.


    bought a set for every family member and close friends for Christmas and I am proud to say that I have created many "Peach Skin Addicts!" They all rave about how wonderful they are...and I don't put anything else on my beds at home!" ~ Jennifer M. in Roswell, GA.


    "After reading so many good things about the sheets we just had to try them out! We came from Dallas, GA and bought a set from the Perimeter mall location and we really enjoyed Steve's knowledge and help! He made it a very fun experience as well! We love them! They offer every bit of the comfort and enjoyment as advertised! We fully recommend them! "
    ~ Donna S. in Dallas, GA.


    "They are incredibly soft; just as promised; washed and dried nicely too. I recommend!"
    ~ Vicki B. in Indian Wells, CA.


    "I must say that I love Peach Skin Sheets.  They are the softest, best fitting sheets I have thus far and have purchased 3 sets. Once again I love them and will not go to Macy's or Bed Bath & Beyond anymore.  Thanks Peach Skin Sheets." ~ Mary in Atlanta, GA.


     I drove down from north of the Mall of Ga today to pick up the 2nd and 3rd set of these sheets! They are the BEST sheets you will ever find. Thanks David for helping me get them picked up today." ~ Katie W. in Buford, GA.


    "I am a proud owner of a set of eggplant peach skin sheets...they are AMAZING! My husband and I both get very warm at night and we LOVE how our new set keeps us cool. They dry super fast in the dryer which saves us money on our electricity which is a plus as well!! And how could I forget to rave about how incredibly soft they are??? They really do give you a glorious night of sleep, get ready to wake up happy and refreshed :) Much thanks to the sweet team at Perimeter especially Steve :) We love you guys!!!! Happy sleepin' ya'll :)"   ~ Kesley T. in Sandy Springs, GA.


    "Great Product!  Will always use this product! Will not use anything else!  Enjoy like we do!" ~ Michael E. in Sandy Springs, GA.


    "PeachSkin Sheets are great!  I bought my first set in the middle of Summer and these sheets kept my husband and me cool! Additionally, I love that they don't pill, even after a number of washes!  They're durable, withstanding the wear and tear of two large dogs and a jumping toddler.  I am very excited to be purchasing another set!"  ~ Nicole L. in Atlanta, GA. 


    "Best Sheets I've EVER bought. Bought my sheets 6 months ago from the Perimeter Location. I was skeptical buying them, you always hear these are the best and once you take them home the quality stinks and they don't last.... But NOT these, they are the BEST and I am not a sheet person what so ever, but i can go on and on about them. If you are looking for affordable quality sheets then I would advise you to try them. I wash them every week and they still look brand new like I just bought them. They are soft, no pilling and cool. I am going back to buy more for the rest of the family today!!!" ~ Melanie P. in Decatur, GA.


    "Love these.....have had problems sweating at night since I was young and these are the solution. My sales person was very patient and spent time explaining the greatness of this product. Many colors to choose from which makes it an easy buy!!"  ~ Nadia in Atlanta, GA.

    "I bought a set of your Cal King sheets this past weekend at the Smyrna Fall Festival in Smyrna, Ga. I am used to buying Egyptian Cotton, gazillion count, and thought for the price I would give them a try and if I didn't care for them, it wouldn't be too bad a loss. Oh my goodness !! I have to tell you how much I love these sheets!! They are so soft and comfortable. I absolutely love them. My only regret is that I did not buy more at the time. These sheets would make great gifts for anyone !!  Sometimes depending on the quality of sheets, you can go wrong with giving bed sheets as a gift, but with these, they would be the perfect gift."  ~ Karen H. in Smyrna, GA.


    "Positively the best and softest set of sheets I ever purchased. My salesman was the nicest I have run into. Your product sells itself. Sleepless in Georgia to now sleeping like a baby."  ~ Neva L. in Dublin, GA.


    "I tell you, some people talk a good game and some may walk it out but when I take the time to tell my story about how PEACH SKIN SHEETS will change your sleeping life .... I am a living, sleeping testimonial that these sheets are the best sleep you can have on any bed.  I am addicted to PEACH SKIN SHEETS and for the price it is unbeatable. My salesperson (at the Perimeter Mall location) is a good example of the quality of the sheets he is awesome and for real. I love him....stop in, pick your sheets and you can give your testimony :)" 
    ~ Vickie T. in Ellenwood, GA.


    "These sheets are amazing and very durable! We bought 4 sets (2 king, 1 queen, 1 full) and everyone that has visited loves the "spare room sheets." Will continue to buy this product!" ~ Natalie in Atlanta, GA.


    “These are the best sheets I've ever had in my life, and very reasonably priced and they feel absolutely fabulous on the skin. Anybody who wants to get a better night of sleep needs to buy these. Thanks Peachskin!"  ~ Adam O. in Atlanta, GA.


    "We Love Them!!"
    ~ The Scott Family in Atlanta, GA. 


    "I don't usually post reviews but I must say these sheets are super soft and I'm back for more."  ~Charlotte in Atlanta, GA.


    "Best sheet we've ever come across...soft and wrinkle free!"   ~ Sarah in Duluth, GA.


    "Love the feel of your sheets!!!" ~ Marcia G.
    "Great sheets!"  ~ Derryl in Mableton, GA.


    "I only purchased one set, so when it was in the wash I had to put my original sheets back on.  The next morning I immediately ordered my second set.  From this point on, there will always be a set of PeachSkinSheets on my bed.  I just love them!"
    ~ Marian in Denver, CO. 


    "These sheets are smooth and soft!!!"  ~ James B. in Atlanta, GA.


    "I'm a repeat customer of Peach Skin Sheets. I've purchased several sheets and I have to say that these are the best bed sheets that I've ever owned. I fly for a living and each week I stay in world class hotels all over the world. By far these sheets are far superior than any of the sheets at any of the hotels that I've stayed at during my travels. I would encourage anyone to purchase a set of bed sheets and try them out. You'll never forget it!" ~ James P. in Atlanta, GA.


    "Great Sheets! Bought three sets and now I am back for more." ~ Chase G. in Atlanta, GA.


    "My daughter lives in Atlanta, loves them and is a thread count snob!" ~ Deborah in Texas


    "Love the sheets because they stay dry all night. It is so nice to have a good night's sleep and not wake up with sweaty sheets. Look forward to buying another set. " ~ Ellen F in Norcross, GA.


    "I absolutely LOVE these sheets.  I have 3 sets.  I've had them 3 years.  Not one complaint.  Even after many washings, no wear, no beads on the sheets or anything.  Honestly, will be your LAST set of sheets!!!" ~ Lynn in Mobile, AL


    "I bought some of these sheets about a month ago.  My husband immediately fell in love with them. They feel great - better than any other sheets I own.  I will definitely be purchasing more very soon."  ~ Kim in Chicago, IL


    "I LOVE ur sheets! When the sun shines in my room my bed lights up like the 4th of July! I'm so telling my mom to buy  more."  ~ Elizabeth in Athens, GA


    "What he said is true, David told me they would change my life. I got the best sleep of my life with these sheets! So soft, so comfortable, and I don't sweat as much in my sleep anymore. Thank you PeachSkinSheets!! Everybody is getting these for Christmas!!"  
    ~ Jonathan in Atlanta, GA.


    "I have a problem with your sheets.  My husband and I can't get out of bed in the morning"
    ~ Michelle in New City, NY.


    "These breathe so much better than my cotton sheets! I have horrible hot flashes, and I have been able to stay cooler and sleep so much better.  Finally, some relief. Thank you so much and I will definitely be purchasing more!"   ~ Marjorie in Dallas, TX.


    "You will love these sheets for sure! I bought a set last year from a UGA student and wish I had bought more than one then, glad to see this! I will be ordering some sets for the JAYHAWKS fundraiser for Ms. <>. Thank you so much for sharing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE SHEETS...they are the softest and are wrinkle free ...a lot like percale."  ~ Linda in Griffin, GA.


    “I love the SHEETS!!!     I love everything about them!     When I took them out of the washer, they were damp.  Put them on the lowest setting in the dryer and it didn't take them long to dry at all compared to regular cotton sheets and, of course, wrinkle free.  ~ Sharon in Atlanta, GA. 


    "I feel like I am slipping into a bed at the Ritz every night!” ~ Carol in Johns Creek, GA. 
    "Pure luxury and I can't wait to order another set" ~ Sandy in Boca Raton, FL. 


    "Love these sheets!  My Mom was visiting and she loved them so much that I had to buy her two sets for her house!  You won't be disappointed."  ~ Natalie in Atlanta, GA.


    "PeachSkin Sheets are great! I bought my first set in the middle of Summer and these sheets kept me cool and  y husband fr satin so much! Additionally, I love that they don't pill, even after a number of washes! They'redurable, withstanding the wear and tear of two large dogs and a jumping toddler. I am very excited to be purchasing another set!"  ~ Karen H. in Smyrna, GA


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