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    Please Help Support Our Team! Just Copy, Post And Share The Info Below via Social Media To Reach Other Potential Supporters....Online Stats Are Below To Check Who's Already Purchased:

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    Please support the Bartlett High School Softball SHEETS FUNDRAISER and get 1500 Thread Count Soft PeachSkinSheets for $49.95 (instead of $79.95) in Any Color and Any Regular Size. You'll save $30 per set PLUS another $20 per sheet set sold will go to support our team. Visit and use our discount promo code BARTLETTSOFTBALL18 on all $79.95 sets through December 15th, 2017 to redeem your special price.


    Online orders are shipped out within a few days, so there is no need to wait for your sheets until the drive ends. Please note that fundraiser pricing cannot be combined with other promo codes, discounts, or specials including Colors of the Month pricing. Thanks for your support, and please share!


    Stats (updated every few business days):

    Emily Stock Kasey Craddock 11/22/2017 1
    Vanessa Danley Destiny Munoz 11/23/2017 1
    Jennifer Mazur Eryn Mazur 11/23/2017 5
    Billy Holt Carley Brown 11/27/2017 1
    Evelyn Benson Madison Padawer 11/28/2017 1
    Timothy Woods Madison Padawer 11/28/2017 2
    Richard Slayton Madison Padawer 11/28/2017 3
    Leon Sheppard, Jr Madison Padawer 11/28/2017 3
    Kristin Owens Kasey Craddock  11/29/2017 1
    Katrina Munoz Destiny Munoz 12/4/2017 1
    Shannon Burdick Alexis Kelley 12/6/2017 1
    Amy Jurkovic Kasey Craddock
    12/9/2017 1
    Amy Bowen Carly Brown 12/10/2017 3
    Regina Craddock  Kasey Craddock 12/11/2017 1
    Cheri Stephens Alexis Kelley 12/13/2017 1
    Tracy Perez Laura & Ainsley Sloan  12/13/2017 1
    Elizabeth Butner Autumn H. 12/13/2017 1
    Misty Robertson Not Listed 12/14/2017 2
    Dee Negelein Not Listed 12/14/2017 1
    Eva Looney River Allbritton 12/15/2017 1
    Winn Corder River Allbritton 12/15/2017 1
    Lisa Adams Ainsley Sloan 12/15/2017 1
    Stuart Maddox Ainsley Sloan 12/15/2017 1
    Randall VanVoorhis Ainsley Sloan 12/15/2017 1
    Tami Edwards Ainsley Sloan 12/15/2017 1
    TOTAL: 37