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4 Reasons Why You Should Still Choose Cooling Bed Sheets In The Winter

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The winter months are upon us and it's time to start cozying up for cooler weather. Some people like to store away their summer clothes and bedding to make room for the layers they'll need in the coming months. Who needs shorts and flip-flop sandals when it's sweater and boot weather? You might think it's time to drag out the flannel sheets along with all the other cool weather gear, but here are some reasons why you might want to keep your cooling sheets on instead.


Whether you use a space heater, a fireplace, or HVAC, you likely keep your home at a temperature that's comfortable for you. Depending on where you live, you may need to run your heat source through the night to keep your home cozy. This may leave you or your loved ones with night sweats, typically known as excessive sweating while you sleep. Some people even suffer from night sweats without the use of additional heat. In either case, cooling bedsheets would work to keep your skin cool during the night. PeachSkinSheets uses SMART fabric, or Performance Sleep Fabric, which is shown to wick away moisture from night sweating to help keep you comfortable and dry. These sheets are breathable and lightweight, keeping you cool enough to sleep deeply while your home stays warm.


Most of us tend to lead very busy lives. There are many ways we can create shortcuts to simplify our homes and daily lives. Creating a living space with less clutter is a great way to simplify your home. For example, by purchasing high quality sheets that can be used year-round you eliminate the need for seasonal bedding storage. You also have one less thing to worry about on your to-do list! 


Really what it all comes down to is personal preference. Some people just really like the feeling of crawling into bed onto smooth, cool sheets. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 85% of people rate the comfortable feel of sheets as having a significant impact on getting a good night's sleep. You can still stay plenty warm by using a heated mattress pad underneath or a thick comforter on top.


Up to 70% of people sleep with a significant other on a nightly basis. It's quite likely that you and your partner have very different temperature preferences. Cool sheets give you the opportunity to avoid overheating while still providing a comfortable sleep space for your partner. Even if you sleep alone, you may have children or guests who will be able to keep cool regardless of how warm their room is. 

Gearing up for the winter months can be hectic enough as it is without having to worry about switching out all of your bedding. PeachSkinSheets SMART fabric technology offers you year-round comfort that will last wash after wash. A great set of sheets can go a long way when it comes to getting a good night's sleep!