The Best Sheets to Buy (and Why)

Finding the best sheets can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Everyone claims their sheets are the best, and there are hundreds of options to choose from. Whether you’re simply looking for new sheets or ready to change all the bedding in your home, there are a number of reasons to look for new sheets – and seek out the best.

From the best in state-of-the-art fabric technology to our excellent customer service, here are a few of the things we feel set PeachSkinSheets apart.

PeachSkinSheets are the best sheets to buy when you want high-quality cooling comfort because they feature:

1) 21st-Century SMART Moisture-Wicking Fabric That Keeps You Cool and Dry

One of the top reasons PeachSkinSheets are the best sheets to buy is because they are made from Smart Fabric - the very latest in sleep technology textile innovation. This fabric is extremely lightweight, breathable and temperature controlled. Whether you’re a hot sleeper or a cool sleeper, you’ll be comfortable throughout the night. The airy, athletic-grade performance poly-fiber also helps wick moisture away from your body. Even if you have night sweats, the fabric ensures you won’t wake up in drenched sheets at night, so you’ll get a better night’s sleep. 

2)  Luxurious Softness and Feel Straight from the Package

The best quality sheets are not made of what you think. Looking for sheets that feel luxuriously soft against your skin? While many people turn to expensive, high-count cotton sheets for softness, look no further than PeachSkinSheets. They have a 1500 Thread Count Luxurious Feel with a brushed PeachSkin finish on both sides, ensuring extraordinary softness that gets softer with every wash. The best part? You don’t have to wash them multiple times to make break them in. They come right out of the package with the soft feel you want!

3)  Deep Pockets Mean Your Sheets Will Always Fit

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding great sheets that just won’t fit your bed. We know this because we had the same experience! That’s why PeachSkinSheets have deep pockets with elastic all around to ensure they will fit nearly any bed, including double pillow-top, custom number or memory foam mattress.  

4)  Easy Drying and No More Wrinkles

No one wants to wait an hour for their sheets to finish drying, or even worse having to sleep on wrinkled sheets. When we developed PeachSkinSheets, we knew that the best bedding sets had to dry easily and come out looking great. PeachSkinSheets dry in just 20 minutes on medium heat and have a wrinkle release, so they always come out of the dryer wrinkle-free. You can put them on your bed right away – no ironing required!

5)  Anti-Microbial and Hypoallergenic

Are allergies a problem in your house? Maybe you have eczema or sensitive skin. Pollen and dust mites have the potential to adhere to some types of fabric, which can make skin issues and allergies worse. With PeachSkinSheets, this isn’t a problem. Our athletic-grade poly-fiber is anti-microbial, which means pollen and dust mites can’t stick to the fabric and you can get superior sleep. This makes PeachSkinSheets perfect for households dealing with allergies or skin sensitivities!

6)  Excellent Customer Service You Can Count On

If you have any questions, just give the PeachSkinSheets team a call or email customer care. If you grabbed the wrong size or you don’t like the color you chose, we strive to make the return and exchange process as easy as possible.  Additionally, enjoy a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee when you buy. In the rare case that you find a manufacturer defect within the first year of owning your sheets, we’ll provide you with a replacement. PeachSkinSheets stands behind their status as the best sheets to buy – ever! And they work hard to ensure that every customer is satisfied.

7)  Free Swatches to Ensure You Find the Perfect Color

Trying to figure out what color sheets will go best with your current bedroom décor? Sometimes colors can appear a bit different on your computer or phone screen than they do in person. We understand you want to find the perfect color, which is why you can easily order free fabric swatches. From beautiful Beach Blue or Lavender Mist, to Brushed Silver or deep Mariner Blue, you’ll find a vast selection of beautiful shades to choose from. Order swatches of your favorites so you can see and feel the fabric in person to decide which colors look best in your current bedroom. It takes the guesswork out of picking bedding colors (and allows you to feel the PeachSkin difference for yourself!).

8)  We Offer More Than Just Sheet Sets

The best sheets = best cooling bed sets, too! While we offer complete sheet sets we also offer separates like extra pillowcases, flat sheets and fitted sheets. We even offer duvet cover sets so that you can match your sheets to your duvet cover, or you can pick a duvet cover and go with sheets in complementary colors.

9)  Affordability: You Won’t Break the Bank for a Cooler Night’s Sleep

When you choose PeachSkinSheets, you get the best sheets for a cooler night of sleep.  PeachSkinSheets provide the latest fabric technology and superior softness for a price that’s affordable. Additionally, our Colors of the Month sale allows you to find great colors at even greater prices.

If you happen to be a hot sleeper, have night sweats or deal with hot flashes, PeachSkinSheets offer the latest in fabric technology to keep you cool and dry; PeachSkinSheets are also hypoallergenic, durable, wrinkle free straight from the dryer, and incredibly affordable. Don’t settle for sheets that don’t offer you everything you want. Get luxurious bedding you can afford – order your PeachSkinSheets today!