How Can Quality Rest Make You Healthier?

PeachSkinSheets Infographic About Quality Rest
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While fatigue might sometimes seem like a normal part of life, getting quality rest is an everyday life change that makes a huge difference to your well-being. 

The Effects of Waking Up Tired

Inadequate sleep impacts many people’s quality of life, causing them to feel fatigued during the day or even supplement nighttime sleep with naps during the day:
  • 25% of people regularly have trouble sleeping
  • 34% of adults report taking a nap on a typical day
  • 35% of adults get less than 7 hours of sleep per night
Waking up every day feeling tired is a sign you’re not getting the rest you need.

Symptoms of Inadequate Sleep

The symptoms of inadequate sleep can include irritability, forgetfulness or lack of mental acuity and loss of physical coordination. A quick nap or cup of coffee might get you through the day, but better sleep can offer long-term benefits to your health. 

Good Sleep Connects To Health

Besides the direct benefits of feeling more rested and energized, quality sleepalso contributes or correlates with improved outcomes in other areas of health.
  • Adults who get more than 7 hours of sleep per night are less likely to report common chronic health conditions like coronary heart disease and depression.
  • Teens who get more than 7 hours of sleep per night are less likely to report injury-related risk behaviors.

How to Achieve Better Sleep

To wake up feeling rested and improve your well-being in the long term, make some simple changes to your daily routine.
  • Increase bright light exposure during the day
  • Don’t ingest caffeine late in the day
  • Avoid blue light before bedtime
  • Go to sleep on your back

Choose the Right Sheets for Restful Sleep

Your choice of bedding can impact the quality of your rest . The wrong fabrics can make it difficult to get comfortable, and sheets that make you feel too warm may cause you to wake up during the night
The best sheets should be:

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