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The Best Bed Sheets to Buy: SMART Fabric vs. Other Options

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A variety of fabrics are currently on the bed sheet market, including those made from natural and synthetic materials. The manufacturing process for all of these materials includes many steps that determine the precise set of properties for the finished product. Manufacturers must have a high degree of control over the characteristics of their sheets because consumers tend to be very selective about the sheets they prefer.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why sheets made from our SMART Fabric are the best sheets ever when compared to other materials such as bamboo, cotton and low-end microfiber.


PeachSkinSheets SMART Fabric is a proprietary blend of tightly woven breathable synthetic polyfiber. The diameter of each fiber less than that of silk, which is about 1/5 the diameter of a human hair. The combination of the specific materials used and the fineness of the fibers make SMART Fabric well known as the material behind bed sheets that keep you cool.

The small fibers in SMART Fabric allow moisture to evaporate instead of absorbing it like other fabrics, especially cotton. It also makes the fabric breathable, so it won’t trap heat. Fabrics with larger fibers can allow pet hair to become woven into the fabric, making it difficult to remove.

SMART Fabric resists wrinkling and doesn’t shrink, even after multiple machine washings. It’s also colorfast, meaning that it won’t fade easily after multiple washings, although it will become softer. SMART Fabric sheets resist pilling, which is the creation of small balls of fiber on the surface of the sheets. Pilling is a particular problem with other fabrics after multiple washings, especially cotton.

The fact that SMART Fabric is made of synthetic fiber also provides it with health benefits. The lack of biological materials means that this fabric doesn’t support the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, as cotton does. It also means that SMART Fabric is hypoallergenic because it doesn’t contain any materials that can cause an allergic reaction. These benefits make SMART Fabric sheets the best sheets ever – and more affordable, too.

A breakdown of fabric differences between PeachSkinSheets SMART fabric and other options on the market.


Bamboo has historically been used in clothing only - mostly for structural elements such as bustles and ribs. However, several technologies have recently been developed that allow bamboo fibers to be converted into cloth for a variety of applications, including sheets. Prior to 2009, cloth made of rayon could be labeled as bamboo in the United States, provided the cellulose used to make the rayon came from bamboo. However, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruled in 2009 that cloth can only be labeled as bamboo if the yarn is made directly from bamboo fibers. The FTC sent letters to major clothing manufacturers in 2011 outlining its position on this issue and the penalties for failure to comply.

Bamboo is a desirable source of raw material in tropical parts of Asia because it’s so plentiful and fast-growing. However, true bamboo sheets are still expensive due to the newness of the technology. The primary advantages of bamboo sheets are resistance to wrinkling, shrinkage and pilling.


Cotton has been cultivated for thousands of years, and many varieties are now available. The quality of cotton sheets depends on many factors such as the variety and geographic region where the cotton is grown. Longer fibers are softer and therefore preferable for bed sheets. Egyptian cotton is generally the softest since the long growing season and abundant sunlight in Egypt allows the cotton fibers to grow longer.

The price of cotton sheets is more variable than other types of fabric due to the many factors affecting its quality. While sheets made from Egyptian cotton are generally the most expensive, other types of cotton sheets are considerably cheaper. Regardless of the cost, the primary advantages of cotton sheets are that they’re machine washable, breathable and become softer after washing. They’re also considered hypoallergenic since few people are allergic to cotton.

The main disadvantage of cotton sheets is that they absorb moisture readily, so they don’t dry out and aren’t as cool. They also tend to shrink and wrinkle easily, especially after many washings. Cotton also isn’t colorfast, so bright colors will fade over time. Pilling is a particular problem with cotton sheets and will cause them to develop holes more quickly than other fabrics. Cotton is a biological material, so it can’t be considered antimicrobial. Furthermore, the comparatively thick fibers of cotton mean that pet hair tends to weave itself into the fabric.


Sheets made from low-end microfiber are generally designed to be as inexpensive as possible. While made from polyfibers like SMART Fabric, the emphasis on low cost means that low-end microfiber lacks many of the advantages of SMART Fabric.

It’s still machine washable, but low-end microfiber doesn’t wick moisture away nor is it breathable, which means these sheets lack thermal control. Like cotton, repeated washings frequently cause low-end microfiber sheets to wrinkle, shrink and fade. These sheets also fail to get softer after washing. Furthermore, low-end microfiber can harbor bacteria and other substances that can cause allergic symptoms. Pet hair is also difficult to remove from low-end microfiber sheets.

Low-end microfiber sheets generally have a tendency to pill, although it depends on the finishing process. The two most common methods for minimizing pilling in low-end microfiber sheets include singeing and mercerizing. Singeing is the process of burning the fuzz off the sheets, while mercerizing involve removing the fuzz with sodium hydroxide. Manufacturers are more likely to perform these preventative measures on sheets with higher thread counts.


PeachSkinSheets SMART Fabric was conceptualized as a superior alternative to bamboo, cotton and microfiber. The specific polyfibers in SMART Fabric are carefully chosen to provide our sheets with the ideal combination of desirable characteristics to encourage superior sleep. Start getting better quality rest -  visit PeachSkinSheets online today!