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How will PeachSkinSheets help my night sweats?

PeachSkinSheets will not change your body chemistry if you are a naturally hot sleeper, but they do manage night sweats much better than other fabrics through breathability and moisture wicking to keep you cooler and drier throughout the night. The breathability PeachSkinSheets provide allows for better air circulation, which is amplified if you run a fan or air conditioning at night. PeachSkinSheets are also extremely fast-drying. For instance, they only need 15 minutes in the dryer on medium heat to be completely dry after washing!

What is the Material? Are these cotton?

PeachSkinSheets are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified (Number 20.HCN.29518) so you can be sure our SMART Fabric keeps you and your family safe from harmful substances. PeachSkinSheets are made of a High-end Athletic Grade poly fiber that is moisture wicking and also breathable.​ Athletic grade poly fiber actually has several advantages over cotton since it is specifically engineered for comfort. It is more breathable than cotton, doesn’t shrink, features wrinkle release out of the dryer, and wicks away sweat like workout wear rather then absorbing it. PeachSkinSheets are also pesticide-free, unlike some non-organic cotton sheets. The best part is that PeachSkinSheets have the softness level of 1500 Thread Count sheets without being extremely hot, so you get the best of both worlds. Our Athletic Grade fabric is also hypoallergenic, naturally antimicrobial and great for sensitive skin. 

What is the feel of the fabric? Is it like percale or a sateen?

PeachSkinSheets have an ultra soft feel, but why guess when you can order swatches for free? We understand it can be tricky purchasing fabrics online if you are unfamiliar with the feel and colors. That’s why we have a free swatch program you can utilize to feel the fabric and match your colors before ordering. [Free swatches mailed within the US only - please email to inquire about international requests.]

Do PeachSkinSheets pill?

PeachSkinSheets are made with an anti-pill finish, so they are pill resistant and will not pill with proper care. Here is the direct link to our laundry care instructions. The only instance in which PeachSkinSheets would pill even with proper care is in the event of a rare manufacturer’s defect, which is covered by a 1 yr. Manufacturer’s Warranty.

I am a hot sleeper and my wife is a cold sleeper. Would PeachSkinSheets work for us?

​Absolutely! PeachSkinSheets are thermal controlled to keep hot sleepers cool and cold sleepers cozy! You can view the additional benefits of our SMART fabric here.

Should I wash PeachSkinSheets prior to use?

Yes. We do recommend washing PeachSkinSheets prior to use to wash out any residual manufacturer's dust, and also get rid of any box wrinkles. Just make sure to double-check size and color to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase prior to washing. Please also review all laundry care instructions.

Can I wash and dry using high heat for disinfecting purposes?

No. Washing and drying on high heat will actually break down the surface of the fabric and cause roughness and pilling. PeachSkinSheets should only be washed in cold or warm water and dried on medium heat for 20 minutes (30 minutes max). If disinfecting is needed, we suggest adding a cup of white vinegar to your rinse.

Can I use dryer balls?

Wool is fine, but plastic dryer balls are not recommended since they are very concentrated for several uses and can leave behind spots. You can view our complete laundry care instructions here.

Can detergent pods be used?

No. We do not recommend using detergent pods as many times they do not completely dissolve and can cause streaks. You can view our complete laundry care instructions here.

Can bleach be used on PeachSkinSheets?

We do not recommend using chlorine bleach, as it breaks down the fabric fibers and can cause yellowing. Only use non-chlorine bleach when needed. Our whites however are colorfast and should remain vibrant without getting dingy or gray. If you need to boost your detergent, we suggest adding OxyClean or Borax to your normal detergent. For disinfecting purposes, we suggest adding a cup of white vinegar to your rinse. You can view our complete laundry care instructions here.

Do PeachSkinSheets come backed by any guarantees?

Yes - we absolutely stand by our product 100%! PeachSkinSheets are backed by a 1 yr. Manufacturer’s Warranty in the event of a rare manufacturer’s defect. We also offer a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee for products purchased on, so PeachSkinSheets are risk free to try!

Do you have any tips on prolonging the life of your sheets?

Yes! The easiest way to prolong the life of any set of sheets is by following the recommended washing instructions. We also recommend rotating sheet sets (3 is a great rule of thumb - one for your bed, one for your linen closet, and one for your hamper) and rotating the position of your sheets themselves (for instance if you started by putting all of your fitted sheets on with the tag on the bottom right, change it up by putting the tag on the top left). While PeachSkinSheets are made to stand up to kids, pets and years of use, these tips will help you get the maximum use out of your PeachSkinSheets for years to come!

Will PeachSkinSheets fit my mattress?

PeachSkinSheets are made to fit mattresses up to 22" thick and have elastic all the way around for a tighter fit. Fit also depends on your individual mattress, which is why we offer a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee for products purchased on so you can try them for yourself risk free.

Can I order California King Sheets for my King bed for a roomier fit?

No. California King Sets are actually shorter on the sides than King, so not only would California King not be roomier, it would be shorter or even too small to fit your King bed. California King sets are rectangular in shape (long and narrow), whereas King sets are square in shape. Because of this, California King sets are constructed to be taller and thinner than King, which means you would gain some length at the ends but end up with a shortage of fabric on the sides.

Are PeachSkinSheets made with deep pockets?

Yes. PeachSkinSheets are made to fit mattresses up to 22” deep and also have elastic all the way around for a tighter fit. You can view the additional benefits of our SMART fabric here.

What is a European Envelope Enclosure?

PeachSkinSheets pillowcases are finished with a European Envelope Enclosure, which is meant to prevent "peek-a-boo" pillow. Simply place your pillow inside and then fold the flap over the exposed end for a more finished look when making up the bed.

What makes these sheets anti-microbial? Are they treated with something?

PeachSkinSheets do not have a special chemical applied, but rather the physical polymer nature of the material allows it to be antimicrobial.  Dust and pollen cannot easily adhere to antimicrobial surfaces, which in turn makes it a great choice for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers.

Where are PeachSkinSheets made?

PeachSkinSheets are made overseas, more specifically in China. Rest assured that we work with a 3rd generation family and not a sweat shop. PeachSkinSheets also come backed by a 1 yr. Manufacturer's Warranty and a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee for products purchased on

Are PeachSkinSheets slippery? Will I slide all over the bed?

No. PeachSkinSheets are anti-slip and have a non-sateen finish, which means softness without slipping or sliding off your bed. You can view the additional benefits of our SMART fabric here.

Are PeachSkinSheets sold in stores?

PeachSkinSheets are not sold in stores and we do not currently have a store front. However, you can still order online any time, or by phone M-F 9:30AM-5PM EST [Peach Time] at (678)771-5326.

Will PeachSkinSheets catch on dry skin and callouses?

No. PeachSkinSheets are spandex-free so that rough skin and callouses won't snag on the fabric. You can view the additional benefits of our SMART fabric here.

Do PeachSkinSheets stain easily?

PeachSkinSheets are stain Resistant so that stains don't set as quickly. However as with any stain, quick removal is key! You can view the additional benefits of our SMART fabric here.

I’ve had issues with body oils staining sheets in the past. Will I have the same issue with PeachSkinSheets?

Body oils are tricky since they are oil-based and won’t come out with regular detergent. PeachSkinSheets will not change your body chemistry, so if you’ve had problems with body oils in the past, it’s likely you’d have the same issue with PeachSkinSheets. Luckily, we have access to a laundry recipe that is specifically made to break up the oils that cause this type of staining. The recipe comes with front and top loader instructions, and will work for any set of sheets you are experiencing a problem with! Enjoy!

Are PeachSkinSheets stretchy?

No. PeachSkinSheets are not stretchy, nor do they shrink. You can view the additional benefits of our SMART fabric here:

What comes in a set? Do you sell separates?

Sheet sets include (1) Flat, (1) 22” Deep Pocket fitted and (2) Pillowcases with European Envelope Enclosure (excluding Twin which comes with 1 Pillowcase). Dimensions and details can be found within each sheet set listing. We don't offer separates at this time, but do sell extra Pillowcase Sets which include (2) Pillowcases per set. 

Does pet hair stick to the fabric?

No. PeachSkinSheets are tightly woven, so pet hair does not weave itself into the fabric. When and if your pet sheds, the hair will fall onto the surface and you can brush it off or use a lint roller. It will only lie on the surface of the sheets, as opposed to becoming embedded into the sheets. You can view the additional benefits of our SMART fabric here.

Do PeachSkinSheets require ironing?

No. PeachSkinSheets have a wrinkle release that is activated in the dryer, so no ironing is needed. Ironing is actually not recommended as it can break down the surface of the fabric when high heat is used. You can view the additional benefits of our SMART fabric here.

Will acne products bleach PeachSkinSheets?

Yes, certain acne medications will bleach PeachSkinSheets. A good rule of thumb is if you have had bleaching in the past due to acne medication, PeachSkinSheets will have the same reaction. The main bleaching agent in acne medications is benzoyl peroxide, which will bleach PeachSkinSheets if used.

What do your duvet cover sets include?

Duvet Cover Sets include (1) Duvet Cover with inside ties and hidden button closure and (2) Pillow Shams. *Duvet, comforter or insert not included. You can check out our Duvet Cover Sets here.


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