8 Tips to Make Your Sheets Last for Ages

8 Tips to Make Your Sheets Last for Ages

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Your bed is your own personal sanctuary away from the noise and stress of the world. You want it to be comfortable, cozy, and clean. If you have just complimented your bed with a new set of sheets, you probably also want to make sure they last too! 

Although sheets don’t get worn out the way jeans or yoga pants do, they still see a fair amount of wear from being slept in every night. Between your tossing and turning, makeup or cosmetics rubbing off, or even your sweating and dead skin cells shedding, your sheets are exposed to a plethora environmental stressors. This only wears out the fibers and weakens them over time.

You might think the easiest way to keep your sheets in good shape would be to wash them frequently – which is definitely a good thing. However, what may surprise you is that the way you actually wash and dry your bedding can also contribute to the breaking down of the fibers as well.

So, if you’d like to keep your sheets in good condition for at least a few years, it’s important to take care of them properly. Here are the best steps to making your sheets last for years to come:



Quit making your bed in the morning! No, seriously. Most people are trained to make their bed every morning, but this only traps in moisture and creates the perfect climate for dust mites. But don’t just leave it unmade either! Every morning when you get up, instead of making the bed, pull back your top sheet and blankets, smooth out your fitted sheet, and let your bedding hang at the foot of your bed. After about 20 minutes or so, then make your bed. This will keep your sheets fresh and clean for much longer.



You might have one set of sheets that you absolutely love, but if you want that set to last, it’s best to have backups. It’s typically recommended to buy three sets of sheets - one for the bed, one for the closet, and one in the wash. That way you can rotate weekly between the three sets and they will all collectively last longer. 



If you do not have stains on your sheets, there’s no need to prewash. But if you ever do get a stain, pre-treat immediately (another good reason to have backup sheets!). This will decrease the chances of the stain setting and ruining an otherwise perfectly good set of sheets.



It’s almost always adequate to use cold or warm water for your sheets. However, hot water will weaken the fiber - which can greatly contribute to wear. Also, cooler water is more likely to prevent wrinkling. Likewise in the dryer, keep it on low or medium heat.



Make sure to use a low or medium cycle setting on your washer - heavy duty is only necessary if your sheets are seriously dirty. Gentle washes will definitely get the job done, and won’t cause the damage that a heavy duty cycle might cause.



Use a mild detergent and non-chlorine bleach only if needed. When you put the detergent in your washer, wait until the soap has fully diluted in the water before adding the sheets. When you put harsh detergents directly on your sheets, it can cause color fading and also weaken the fibers. Seeing a theme here? Keeping your sheet fibers strong is vital!



Sheets, unlike clothes, are pretty large and need to be able to circulate around your entire washer. If they are haphazardly stuffed in there with other sheets or towels, they are much more likely to be inadequately washed. Put one set of sheets in at a time. Also, dry sheets only with other sheets. Towels and clothing can take much longer to dry than sheets, so they might end up being exposed to the heat of the dryer for longer than necessary. Dry your sheets just long enough to evaporate the water content, then take them out immediately to prevent wrinkling. On that note, it would be wise to invest in a set of PeachSkinSheets – they always come out of the dryer wrinkle free.



Once your sheets are dry and folded, the final step is to store them properly. Keep them in a dry, cool, and dark place. Clear plastic storage bins might be great for storing some household items, but you definitely don’t want to store your sheets in them – they trap in moisture. Storing them in a wooden dresser or dark closet is ideal.

These are the best practices for keeping your sheets long lasting and in pristine condition. If you work these tips into your sheet care routine, you’re sure to enjoy your favorite sheets for years to come!