Antimicrobial Products That Are Perfect For Your Sleep Sanctuary

Antimicrobial Products That Are Perfect For Your Sleep Sanctuary

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Autumn has arrived in full force, which means we're smack dab in the middle of allergy season. It seems there's no escape from the dust, pollen, and other airborne irritants. You want nothing more than a good night's sleep, but that's hard when everything, down to your bed sheets, is making you sneeze. A sleep sanctuary is desperately needed. But, without going to a clinical setting, like a hospital, is that even possible?

Luckily, antimicrobial products have made it possible to achieve the allergen-free sleep sanctuary of your dreams without the cold hospital feel. From PeachSkinSheets, to Paint Shield, and more, here are some of the best antimicrobial products for your bedroom:



Not only is copper currently in style, but it's also the perfect antimicrobial accent for your sleep sanctuary. Choose copper lighting fixtures, light switches, doorknobs, and curtain rods to prevent microbes from adhering to these surfaces. However, be sure to check whether the product is purely copper or if it's simply copper coated. While copper coated products may be slightly more cost effective, they don't offer the same antimicrobial protections as pure copper fittings.



PeachSkinSheets is, arguably, one of the best investments on this list. With their antimicrobial threads, these sheets will enhance the quality of your sleep by protecting you from harmful irritants typically seen in a bedroom environment, like pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. Coming in a variety of colors to match the design of your bedroom, these performance sheets will also keep you cool and comfortable as you sleep. PeachSkinSheets are a must-have addition to any sleep sanctuary.



Sherwin Williams' revolutionary new paint formula kills 99.9% of the most dangerous microbes in the environment within two hours after painting. Best of all, with its long lasting formula, Paint Shield continues to repel 90% of these pathogens up to four years after painting. Paint Shield can be mixed in countless colors, so it's a great way to keep germs down while still having a design-friendly paint scheme.



The microban technology in Phifer window shades prevents microbes from adhering to the fabric. This keeps harmful things like mold and mildew, pathogens, and other irritants in the air out of your sleep sanctuary. The microban technology, which protects your window shades from the elements, also helps them last longer. This product will certainly give you a bang for your buck.



Air purifiers are great for cleaning the very air you breathe. As they purify the air, the machine helps keep your lungs clear of irritants. But not all air purifiers are made equal. Honeywell air purifiers have been placed on top product lists time and again for their reliability and efficiency. Go with the tried and true brand for this investment.



Furnace filters play an important role in keeping your whole home irritant-free, and are certainly a big help in maintaining an antimicrobial sleep sanctuary. While they may be slightly more costly than your basic furnace filter, Filtrete Ultra Allergen Filters will ensure your sleep sanctuary stays completely clear of irritants for up to three months. Choosing a reliable furnace filter will help you breathe easy, even when allergens are at their worst.



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