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How to Decorate with Yellow and Gold

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According to The Spruce, golds and yellows are among the favorite colors used in feng shui design. Both colors represent the sun's powerful and vital energy, imbuing all life and beings with light. Even if you aren't planning a specifically feng shui design for your home, these vibrant hues can help you reap the benefits just the same.

Do you want to use yellow and gold accents for your interior design, but you don't know how to do it to ensure beauty and harmony? We have some ideas to help you get started with confidence so that you can take creative matters into your own hands.

Why Choose Yellow and Gold Accents for Your Home Interior Design Project?

In addition to the feng shui effect, yellow and gold shades like butter cream yellow and harvest gold are warm and inviting. No matter what room you are redecorating, it will benefit from adding these colors to the mix or making them the foundational color scheme.

Take a Closer Look at Yellow

Yellow is the color of the mind and its intellect, specifically referring to acquired knowledge. It connects with left-brain logic, stimulating mental capabilities while spurring mental agility and peak perception. The sunny shade also inspires upbeat curiosity and can inspire a well-focused energy boost to give you what you need to start your next painting, poem, or novel.

While brighter yellow shades evoke upbeat feelings and emit vibrant energy, a butter cream shade is more complex, conjuring a warm and cozy feeling that lets you sink into your sofa, so you can relax and let the warmth wash over you.

Take a Closer Look at Gold

It probably comes as little or no surprise that gold traditionally symbolizes success and wealth. Gold is beautiful, glimmering, and the stuff of sheer opulence in homes of the most wealthy and successful. It is associated with prestige, prosperity, and influence, so it isn't surprising that people aspire to collect gold jewelry and other visual representations, whether they are already wealthy or aspiring to achieve such success. It is important to note that gold is yellow. It is actually a golden yellow, notes ZME Science, so it isn't surprising that certain gold shades can evoke related feelings to yellows, such as warm buttercream shades. Harvest gold, in particular, suggests intellectual wealth and wisdom.

How Can You Decorate with These Meaningful Shades of Gold and Yellow?

Gold and yellow can work in any room of your home, although there are some spaces where this combination is better suited. Let's take a look at where you can get the most out of golds and yellows in your home.

The Kitchen

While yellow is a classic color for kitchens, golds might work better as accent pieces, such as lighting fixtures, no matter what the shade. Much more than a dash here and there might seem too intense for upbeat family breakfasts before heading off to work or school. With yellow, though, you have a broad range of options that will work regardless of style, fixtures, and overall design. A buttercream or even a harvest gold could add deep, warm tones while maintaining a cheery feeling.

The Living Room

Whether formal or informal, you can work golds and yellows into your living room. Here is another place where you might consider focusing on yellow and gold accents versus making them the primary colors. If the room is awash in woodwork, use a subtle gray for the walls and choose a neutral sofa, then add:

  • Harvest gold decorative pillows
  • Muted gold-accented wallpaper
  • Pale yellow flower vases
  • Gold-framed photographs

The Den

The den is another room ripe for royal or pale yellows and harvest gold shades to inspire learning and prosperity. Add a soft yellow throw pillow to your dark leather reading chair, and adorn your desk with small yellow and gold pieces that inspire your productivity.

The Bedroom

If you are ready to breathe new life into your master bedroom, yellows and golds can help you feel more relaxed at bedtime and more chipper in the morning. Adding splashes of gold and yellow to a bedroom is standard practice in feng shui since they bring a warm, gentle, and vibrant energy to your most intimate space. It is the place where you rest on your own or with your loving partner, so you want to give it a soft, warm, and uplifting touch. Indulge in a set of crisp, comfortable butter cream yellow or harvest gold sheets. Balance your bright yellow sheets with gold photo frames and warm light fixture accents. Choose some decorative bed pillows that subtly maintain the gold theme.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is another natural area to add in plenty of happy yellows. Whether you are getting ready for work or bed, you want your bathroom to feel cozy and upbeat. Everyone wants to shower and brush their teeth in a cheery room featuring yellow soaps, candles, and various gold fixtures.

PeachSkinSheets Classic Collection Sheets Help Complete Your Gold and Yellow Design Project

Beautiful gold and yellow shades can fit into any room of your home. Your bedroom is a perfect spot to add feng shui friendly hues to the mix with PeachSkinSheets Harvest Gold or Butter Cream. You can count on soft, lightweight, and breathable sleep technology to offer you a night of pleasant rest as you gently drift into a deep sleep. Get ready to turn your bedroom into a room that fosters intellectual thoughtfulness as you read yourself to sleep and spirited energy each morning when you wake up and spring into action.


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