Peaches sleeps comfortably in the best sheets for night sweats.

Reasons to Buy Hot Sleeper Sheets in 2018

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If you’ve ever experienced night sweats, you know how uncomfortable they can be. But if your night sweats are tied to a variable that you can’t completely control, you may be left wondering just what can be done, if anything, to manage them. The good news is that there are sheets designed for hot sleepers that can help you achieve a more comfortable, cool night’s sleep.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why these cool bedding solutions are becoming more and more popular in 2018:


There are various annoyances that come with night sweats. There’s the aspect of waking up drenched in sweat, the constant struggle to achieve comfort in bed and the unsightly damage that regular sweating can do to your sheets and other bedding. The best sheets for night sweats, however, can manage or completely eliminate all of these annoyances, resulting in a more comfortable, more restful night’s sleep. 

With thermal controlled bedding, there's no more tossing and turning at night to find the balance between feeling too hot and too cold between the sheets. You can forget about waking up on a drenched pillow and having to flip it over to seek relief from the moisture that’s soaked the pillowcase.

Yes, the top reason to buy sheets for night sweats is to maximize your comfort during the nighttime hours when you need it most, especially if you've found that night sweating persists despite attempts to troubleshoot underlying issues. In other instances, as with medical issues and hormonal changes, night sweating may be more of a temporary symptom. Even then, it is still important to manage and the right sheets can do the trick. 


While the type of fabric ties into the enhanced comfort benefit of sheets for night sweats, it’s worthy of special recognition. We hinted that these types of sheets have now advanced to a point where night sweats can be adequately managed, if not eliminated, and a big reason for that is the science that goes into designing and creating bedding for such purposes. That’s where an innovation like Smart Fabric enters the picture. This type of performance fabric is made to wick away moisture rather than absorb it like a cotton sheet would. Think of it like athletic wear, which is designed to help sweat evaporate more easily and keep athletes comfortable as they’re working out. As with athletic wear, these Smart Fabric sheets are breathable and lightweight, which are two additional characteristics that help improve sleeping comfort. Another convenience is that Smart Fabric is stain resistant and can be machine washed to properly launder.


Let’s say that your spouse is going through a period of profuse night sweating and wants to explore bedding options that can help manage the discomfort. Initially you may be hesitant to agree, especially if you like the cotton or satin sheets you’re accustomed to. But once you try these soft sheets, you’re likely to find that their comfort is just as appealing as the colors and styles that they’re available in.

In fact, the best sheets for night sweats are available in a wide selection of colors, including all of the standard colors that conventional sheets come. What’s more is that quality sheets are designed and made to prevent the colors from fading during regular laundering. Not only is the high comfort level useful for those who regularly experience night sweats, but the softness, hypoallergenic characteristics and antimicrobial properties of quality cooling sheets are truly ideal for anyone.


As you know, adequate sleep is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. But disruptions to the sleep cycle from night sweating can interfere with a good night’s sleep, and even cause discomfort. This includes possible daytime fatigue, but can also include trouble focusing, mood swings and even issues like high blood pressure and a greater risk for developing diabetes. So, if night sweats are an issue, don’t wait any longer to address it. Visit PeachSkinSheets online for more information on our line of advanced, high-quality bedding solutions for a cooler and more restful night of sleep.