Cooling sheets and a fan work together to keep you healthier.

Sheets That Stay Cool Can Be Critical to Your Health - Here's Why

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According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommendations, adults should be getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Unfortunately, many Americans aren’t getting that much sleep. Sleep deficiency or deprivation may be due to job conflicts, lifestyle choices, medical conditions, sleep disorders, or merely being a hot sleeper.

For individuals who have night sweets, hot flashes, or for those who are hot sleepers, cooling sheets have the potential to be life-changing and can change your health for the better. The fabric used to make them can keep you cooler and drier, which helps you sleep more comfortably. If you’re not getting enough sleep due to feeling too hot at night or waking up in soaked sheets from night sweats, it can start causing serious health problems over time.

Short-Term Health Risks of Sleep Deprivation

If hot flashes, night sweats, or feeling overheated is keeping you awake at night and you don't have stay cool bed sheets, you’re probably not getting the seven to eight hours of sleep you need. Sleep is so vital to our overall physical and mental health that the effects start showing up quickly if you’re not getting enough. Even one or two nights of not getting the amount of sleep you need — no matter the reason — can impact your health in several ways:

Increased Stress Levels – Being sleep deprived for even one night can increase your stress levels, making it more difficult to face simple tasks and raising blood pressure the next day.

Difficulty Concentrating – Missing sleep for even a night or two can significantly impair your ability to concentrate. This has a significant impact on your daytime performance and safety. With limited or poor-quality sleep, you may feel that you can function well, but sleep deficiency can harm your driving ability just like being drunk.

Negative Effects on Mood – If you’ve had a poor night of sleep, you realize how much losing sleep can affect your mood. Even minor annoyances can become frustrating if you didn’t get enough sleep, and you may be more likely to see things negatively if you didn’t log enough shut-eye the night before.

Long-Term Health Risks of Sleep Deprivation

Skimping on sleep now and then begins to impact your health subtly, but if you regularly fail to get the amount of sleep you need, you put yourself at risk for long-term consequences. Investing in cool sheets for bed is worth it when you consider some of the long-term effects of inadequate or poor sleep:

Higher Risk for Diabetes – Failing to get enough sleep reduces insulin sensitivity and affects your blood sugar, and getting less than six hours of rest each night has been repeatedly shown to increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Lower Immune Function – Even losing a little sleep can lower your immune system’s response, and some research has shown that not sleeping enough can increase your risk of catching a cold and can result in less protection from the flu shot.

Getting Less Than Six Hours a Night is linked to an increase in blood pressure, and five hours a night or less increases the risk of high blood pressure, making current high blood pressure worse.

Increased Risk of Obesity – Poor sleep is linked to weight gain, and studies show that people who don’t sleep enough tend to weigh more than people who get adequate amounts of rest. Sleep deprivation is one of the most significant risk factors for obesity.

Higher Likelihood of Developing Depression – Sleeping disorders and poor sleep quality are both linked to depression. Unfortunately, depression also affects sleep quality, which can result in a cycle that’s tough to break.

Don’t Believe These Common Sleep Myths

Getting a good night of sleep each night on your cooling sheets can prevent health conditions, reduce risk factors for injuries and accidents, and result in healthy brain function. But, to ensure you’re receiving the full benefits of a great night of rest, be sure you avoid believing these common sleep myths:

Myth #1: Cutting Sleep by Just an Hour a Night Won’t Hurt – Even if losing an hour of rest due to tossing and turning, night sweats, or hot flashes may not seem like a lot, it does affect you the next day. Although you may not feel a lot sleepier, it can affect your ability to respond quickly and think properly.

Myth #2: You Can Catch Up on the Weekend – While sleeping a bit more on the weekend or catching a nap can help, it only partially eliminates the deficit that comes with not getting enough shut-eye.

Myth #3: Extra Sleep Will Fix Sleep Deprivation – The quality of sleep you get at night is just as important as quantity. Some people get their full eight hours of sleep, yet they don’t feel rested because they aren’t sleeping well at night.

Steps You Can Take for a Better Night of Sleep

To prevent serious health risks that come with sleep deprivation, healthy sleep requires adequate quality and quantity. Getting enough rest should be just as important as staying active and eating right. How can you ensure you’re getting enough quality rest? Here are a few steps you can take.

Step #1: Pay Attention to Daytime Activities – Good nutrition and regular exercise set the stage for sleeping well. Just avoid exercising too close to bedtime.

Step #2: Avoid Electronics Before Bed – Turn off electronics an hour or two before you head to bed since blue light can interfere with sleep.

Step #3: Limit Alcohol and Caffeine – Both alcohol and caffeine can negatively impact your sleep, so limit these beverages close to bedtime.

Step #4: Create the Right Sleep Environment – Create an environment that’s conducive to sleep. Your bedroom should be dark, free from noise, and at a comfortable temperature.

Step #5: Stay Cool with Cooling Sheets – Since feeling hot or dealing with night sweats can keep you from sleeping, make sure you stay cool with quality cooling sheet sets.

PeachSkinSheets are made from a 21st-century performance sleep fabric that’s lightweight and breathable, so you stay cooler and drier through the night. The athletic-grade performance, airy, lightweight poly-fiber has moisture-wicking properties that keep moisture away from the skin instead of absorbing it so you won’t wake up in a puddle of sweat.

With superior softness right out of the package, excellent durability, and colors that won’t fade, PeachSkinSheets aren’t just an investment in your comfort — they’re also an investment in your health.