A fresh paint job can make all the difference in your master bedroom.

Step Up Your Master Bedroom

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Bored with your master bedroom? Tired of tossing and turning, feeling too hot (then too cold)? Need a fresh update that’ll improve your sleep and step up your space?
There’s an easy solution: PeachSkinSheets.

Whether you suffer from night sweats, are a hot sleeper, or prefer feeling cooler and drier while you’re catching some Z’s, this ultra-soft poly fiber bedding offers a luxurious 1500 thread count feel and a stunning range of colors to complement any bedroom. There’s simply no better way to freshen up your master while getting a better night’s sleep!


When you want to transform your master bedroom, the easiest (and most satisfying) way to start is with fresh new bed linens. After all, the average American spends between eight and 10 hours each day in their bedroom, so why not make that time the most relaxing possible?

Speaking of relaxing, nothing feels more restful than a great night of uninterrupted sleep. For those who suffer from night sweats, sleep hot, or just can’t seem to find the right temperature, temperature regulating PeachSkinSheets are an ideal choice. Crafted from athletic-grade fabric that’s designed to wick away moisture, this high-tech bedding helps regulate temperature while keeping you drier. That means no more tossing and turning as you seek that elusive cool spot on the pillow or mattress... no more feeling hot and sweaty, then damp and clammy... no more waking up in the middle of the night feeling as if you’re in a bathtub.

Instead, these sheets’ SMART poly fiber breathes — much like workout clothing — to keep you comfortable all night long. When night sweats hit, PeachSkinSheets cooling sheet sets don’t simply absorb moisture and cause annoying temperature changes from too hot to too cold like cotton sheets do. Instead, they wick the moisture away from your skin, keeping your temperature regulated and leaving you drier and cozier throughout the night.

Soft to the touch and durable, a fresh set of cooling, drying bed linens is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to freshen up your master. Best of all, these innovative sheets come in a range of colors, so you can easily choose the right shades to complement your bedroom décor.


When you’re updating your master, color is key, as the shades you choose influence the ambience of your bedroom. Do you dream of a cool, relaxing palette? Would you prefer a warm, cozy look? No matter what your preferences may be, choosing the right color makes all the difference. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind while making your color selections.

If a restful, soothing room is your goal, consider cooler colors such as blues, purples and greens. Deep shades, such as mariner blue or eggplant, can set the tone for a more formal or classic style, creating a dramatic backdrop for art or stand-out furniture pieces. More muted, soft shades like beach blue, mint julep or sage green sets the stage for a coastal theme or a spa-like atmosphere. It’s easy to add just a few pops of stronger color to accent.

Perhaps you prefer a room that seems warm and cozy. Shades of red, pink, gold and chocolate create a welcoming atmosphere that invites you to snuggle right into your comfy bed. Of course, you can always choose to keep your color palette neutral with shades of almond, gray and silver, which makes it easy to add pops of vibrant or seasonal color.

Not sure which colors would work best in your space? Our PeachPerfectPaintMatch tool can help you find the right shade of paint to complement your soft PeachSkinSheets! From deep and dramatic to soft and light, these color combos work perfectly together to transform your room.


Now that you’ve chosen a color scheme, turn your attention to lighting. The right illumination can kick your bedroom décor up a notch, turning your master into an inviting retreat. Since your comfy bed with its luxurious new linens is the focal point of your room, start by choosing bedside lighting that makes your time in bed even more relaxing.

For bedtime reading, look for lamps that provide enough light so you can easily see your book or tablet. Table lamps for nightstands are always a good choice. If your space is limited or you simply need more room on the surface next to your bed, consider installing wall lights over the headboard to free up space on your nightstands.

Now think about areas in your master that would benefit from additional, focused light. Consider a floor lamp placed in a corner or behind a chair, task lights for dressing tables, or brighter wattage in a closet space. Finally, consider your room’s ambient light needs.

To create general ambient light throughout the room, a pendant light or chandelier hung directly over the bed can make a bold yet practical design statement. If you prefer to keep the focus on your bed, recessed, flush-mounted or small hanging lights directly over the bed may be the ideal option. If you’re a hot sleeper, an overhead fan light may be a sensible way to keep air flow going throughout the night and complement the cooling, drying action of your new sheets.


Your master bedroom should serve as a space that’s always welcoming and relaxing. Updated bed linens, fresh colors and varied light sources will go a long way toward creating your own personal retreat.

With the addition of PeachSkinSheets, your master bedroom will be cozier and comfier than ever! The combination of 1500 thread count softness and athletic-grade fabric makes these sheets ideal for anyone who might suffer from a touch of insomnia. You’ll stay cozy and comfy throughout the night thanks to moisture-wicking technology and softness that promotes a restful night of sleep. Visit PeachSkinSheets.com and explore the many varieties and styles of cooling sheet sets available... they’ll make your bedroom look amazing while keeping you cooler and drier, all night long.