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Touch Before You Buy: A Guide To Buying Sheets Online

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The feeling of our sheets against our skin matters. Since we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, the fabric we sleep in will make a big difference in how well we spend that precious time. So, buying sheets online seems like a strange thing to do: if we can't feel the sheets on our skin, how will we know if they do, indeed, feel good?

It's not only possible to successfully buy sheets online, it's easy. If you know how sheets are made, the properties of fabrics, and the reality behind thread counts, you can safely make online purchases for bed linen.



Most sheets you will find in stores have two important pieces of information on the packaging: the material and the thread count. The material is usually cotton, although some can have lycra for added stretch. Cotton also has different qualities depending on its origins; Egyptian cotton is best known for its softness because it has the longest fibers. With modern improvements in fabrics, you will also find many sheets made of polyester blends. More precisely, you can find poly-based microfibre products that are superior to cotton on many properties, including breathability.

Thread count is the second factor that contributes to a sheet's softness. The thread count is the number of fabric threads you can count in an inch of fabric. For 180 thread count sheets, for example, you will have 90 horizontal threads and 90 vertical threads. The higher the thread count, the tighter and softer the fabric. Budget sheets tend to have a thread count of 180 to 250. They're a little rough, but if you sleep in pajamas, you probably won't notice. As the thread count increases so do the price of the sheets. Luxury sheets come at 1000 and even 1500 thread count. A full set of luxury sheets can cost $300 or more.

PeachSkinSheets' fabric feels like a 1500 thread count fabric. Because advanced poly microfiber fabrics are not constructed in the same way as traditional fabrics, you can't count the threads. But they feel just as soft and have many other amazing qualities such as moisture wicking properties, hypoallergenic material, anti-microbial fabric and they are stain resistant!



If you've ever tried to buy something online based on color alone, you know that computer monitors can lie. Different brightness and RBG settings, as well as the amount of pixels on your screen, can make the same color look very different from device to device. If you have a very specific color in mind, it might seem like a bad idea to base a purchase on the online photo of its shade.

However, PeachSkinSheets has come up with a great system to help you choose the right color for your sheets: a paint chip guide. Using paint chips from your hardware store, you can be sure that the color you want is the color you'll get. The guide provides three Benjamin Moore paint color names so you can compare what you really want with our wide color selection.

As a bonus, you can use the paint chips to build a new color scheme for your bedroom.

It is perfectly possible, and even a great idea, to buy your sheets online once you know how to proceed. It's affordable and super convenient too! Check out PeachSkinSheets today and be on your way to your best night sleep!