Two comfortable pillows for you best sleep ever

What's Your Pillow Personality?

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All of us have had to sleep on a nightmare of a pillow at some point. You know the one. The flat as a pancake and unsupportive one, the super squishy so your head is buried one, or the hard-as-a-rock one. Maybe you slept on it during a hotel stay, or while visiting a friend. You might even still own the pillow and suffer an uncomfortable night's sleep because of it. It's high time you rid yourself of old or terrible pillows and find the right one for your sleep habits. Finding the ideal pillow doesn't have to be hard. Follow this guide and before you know it you'll be drifting off to dreamland on the perfect pillow. 


This is probably the simplest of all steps to choosing a pillow: match your pillow to your bed size. If you sleep on a queen, choose queen-sized pillows. If you have a king, use king pillows. Some people prefer standard size, however if you have larger sheets you'll need to buy additional pillowcases to fit the smaller pillows.


Do you have allergies? If so, you'll want to buy hypoallergenic pillows. No allergies? You've got a few more options. Pillows can be natural (think down feathers or buckwheat hulls) or synthetic, like polyester or memory foam.


Most important is to think about how you typically sleep at night. How do you spend most of your time in bed? Are you a side sleeper, a back sleeper, or do you prefer to sleep on your stomach? How you sleep will most strongly dictate what type of pillow will work best for you. You'll want a pillow that keeps your head and neck in line (think about how you look with good posture while standing). 

Back sleepers may really find memory foam pillows to be the most comfortable. You won't want a pillow that's too firm or too high. You need neck support, but not so much that your head is elevated and thrown too far forward. A medium firm pillow that cradles your head would work best here.

Side sleeping is the most common sleep position. A contoured memory foam pillow can help support your head while keeping your spine properly aligned when lying on your side. You may benefit from the use of a firm or extra firm pillow.  

Stomach sleepers will benefit from the lowest profile of pillows. This position requires super slim, soft pillows (or no pillow at all). Sleeping on your stomach may add stress to your lower back and increase your chance of experiencing neck pain. 

You might be a combination sleeper and sleep in various positions throughout the night. In that case, you may want to check out pillows with both soft and firm sections. Look for a pillow with a low center and high sides, which will allow you to switch between back and side sleeping with ease.

Using the correct pillow can do wonders to improve your sleep. Toss out that old, flat one and get yourself the pillow that reflects your personal sleeping style.

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