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The <span>Vintage</span> Collection

The Vintage Collection

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Our Smart Fabric has been prewashed and relaxed for the casual, distressed Vintage Line

The softest sleep ever

Our Smart Fabric has been prewashed and relaxed for the casual, distressed Vintage Line

Available in 7 New Soft, Muted Colors


Benefits that matter

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Classic vs. Vintage

Our Classic Line has always had a signature wrinkle-release feature. For those who like a smooth bed with a just-ironed look, the Classic Line is perfect. But some of our customers were sending photos of a more relaxed, wrinkled, and cozy-looking bed with a slept-in feel, and we knew we wanted to make a product to reflect this. After months of development, we finally found a way to attain this look with our signature SMART fabric but without the wrinkle-release feature.
What does that mean for you? You still get the amazing 1500 thread count level of softness from our SMART fabric, but with a new look and ultra lightweight feel. Plus, it comes in 7 new, beautiful muted shades that pair perfectly with cozy vibes and lazy mornings.

Softness that counts

Softness that counts

Limited Edition - Once it sells out, that's it! The Vintage Collection is available in sheet sets, duvet cover sets and extra pillowcase sets. The relaxed colors are perfectly muted and have a soft, heathered appearance.

Prewashed, Distressed Finish

Prewashed, Distressed Finish

Words to describe the unique finish of the Vintage Collection? Incredibly Soft, Wrinkled, Crushed, Distressed, Relaxed, Slept-in, Prewashed, Inviting!

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