Why Night Sweats Disrupt Your Sleep (And How To Avoid Them!)

Why Do I Sweat At Night?

Night sweats can disrupt your sleep, leaving you uncomfortable and wide awake. If night sweats are keeping you from getting the sound sleep you need, keep reading to learn some of the causes of excessive sweating and what you can do to get a better night’s sleep.

Understanding Why You Sweat

Sweating is the body’s natural response to cool you down when your core temperature exceeds the threshold called the “thermal neutral zone.” This is your body’s attempt to:

  • Cool you down
  • Get rid of toxins
  • Cleanse your pores

    There are several reasons why you might hit this threshold, leading to night sweats. They include:

    • Hyperhidrosis
    • Hormonal Changes
    • Side Effects of Medication

        Your Night Sweats Could Also Be A Symptom

        If your excessive sweating isn’t explained by another cause, it may be symptom of another condition. Some health concerns that could lead to night sweats include:

        • Infection or Flu
        • Tuberculosis 
        • Endocarditis
        • Osteomyelitis
        • Lymphoma

          It’s important that you check with your doctor if you have any other symptoms of a potential health condition.

          Are You Sleeping On The Wrong Sheets?

          If your sheets and PJs aren’t made of breathable fabric, you are more likely to wake up in a pool of sweat. Make sure your sleepwear is loose and made of light, soft fabric.

          The next step is to find the right sheets. The best sheets for night sweats are breathable, lightweight and moisture-wicking. Specifically, look for athletic-grade performance fabric.

          No matter the cause if your night sweats, new sheets can offer the easiest solution. By wicking moisture away from your skin, the right sheets can keep you cooler, drier and comfortable all night!

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