Why High Thread Count Doesn’t Always Mean the Softest Sheets

For years — maybe even decades or generations — you've been taught to buy sheets with high thread counts to achieve luxurious comfort and softness. Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch. At some point, a higher number in this area turned into an ingenious marketing ploy that has stuck with consumers throughout the ages.

Relaxing with a Pup in PeachSkinSheets

Basically, a high thread count is a contrived way to determine if the sheets you're considering are high quality. In fact, some people deem this as the only way to determine the quality of bed linens. Just like labels are attached to food, such as "low fat" or "organic," luxury linens have been labeled with thread counts that ultimately determine their value to consumers. In the end, this is all promotional because thread count doesn't actually represent quality at all.

If you're looking for soft sheets, you can achieve a 1500 thread count level of softness without actually considering the thread count at all. There are fabrics, like PeachSkinSheets 21st-century SMART fabric, that offer the latest in high-performance sleep technology textiles, ensuring you feel comfortable and cool in ultra-softness.

Does the Fiber Matter?

If you're looking for the best sheets ever, yes, the fiber matters. PeachSkinSheets bedding is made of more breathable and lightweight fiber than most other options on the market. It's intended to keep you comfortable all night long and decrease sweating while you sleep. Cotton and various synthetic materials available can't say the same thing; in fact, many of them will cause you to heat up and sweat when you sleep, even more than you otherwise would naturally.

Ideally, you want to find a fabric that's known for less pilling and more strength. PeachSkinSheets resists those little balls that can occur on sheets made from other materials, which helps them look newer and fresher night after night, wash after wash. PeachSkinSheets are also durable, so they stand up to kids, pets and years of daily use!

What About the Weave?

The weave of your sheets can affect several factors, including:

  • How your sheets feel
  • How they look
  • The longevity of your sheets
  • How much they cost

There are many different kinds of weaves. Our poly fiber fabric is highly effective at wicking moisture, largely due to its tight weave. This in conjunction with the material itself, which is comprised of thin profile fibers, makes it easy for the fabric to repel moisture instead of absorbing it like other fabrics.

Numbers Aren't Everything

Even if a sheet manufacturer claims its sheets have a high thread count, you have to be careful about what that actually means. These numbers can be inflated by manipulating the sheet-making process when low-quality threads or construction are introduced. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission has tactics in place to crack down on deceptive marketing around thread counts, as well as technologies that are used to increase those counts.

Do You Love Wrinkles?

If you do, a high thread count sheet that's made of cotton or other fabric choices might work great for you. After all, who doesn't love ironing their sheets for hours after the laundry is done?

If, however, this doesn't describe you, consider opting for sheets that were designed to be wrinkle-free from the start. PeachSkinSheets come straight out of the dryer without wrinkles, so you'll have a neatly made bed that's ready to welcome you to a good night's slumber.

It's Not Always a You-Get-What-You-Pay-For World

High thread count sheets can be incredibly expensive. That's part of the lure of them. In fact, this all goes back to marketing and advertising. People have been taught that the more they pay, the higher quality the sheets are. In fact, this simply isn't true. Ultra-soft, long-lasting bed sheets can be affordable. We’re proof.

What About Pesticides?

You might be surprised to learn that many high-end, natural, non-organic fabrics actually use pesticides during the manufacturing process. Current government regulations do not account for many of the chemicals that are used on bedding, and many of these chemicals can't be washed out once they've been introduced into the fabric.

PeachSkinSheets bedding is completely pesticide-free. Our fiber has not been treated with pesticides like natural, non-organic sheets have been.

Why Choose PeachSkinSheets?

If you want a 1500 thread count level of luxurious softness without a 1500 thread count price tag, you need PeachSkinSheets. Our hypoallergenic, spandex-free sheets won't snag, wrinkle, or catch pet hair or other allergens within the fabric. Our sheets provide color that lasts and won't fade coupled with fabric that dries super fast and won't shrink.

If you're ready to experience our colors and feel our soft sheets on your skin, start by ordering free swatches today. While you're browsing around, be sure to check out our Colors of the Month and Classic Sheet Sets, which feature traditional colors like Classic White alongside some bold, robust hues like Pumpkin Spice, Eggplant, and Red Velvet.



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