6 Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

6 Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

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A tidy bedroom is certainly a peaceful bedroom. A peaceful bedroom creates an environment conducive to not only a good night's sleep, but a place to simply relax and unwind. Chances are that you may spend a lot of energy on keeping the remainder of your home clean for visitors. But, sometimes life gets busy and our bedrooms take the hit - ending up cluttered, unorganized, and just a tad chaotic. If you ever feel overwhelmed with having to clean your bedroom often, here are some simple things you can do to help keepyour bedroom neat and tidy.



This may seem obvious, but having a simple laundry basket nearby will always prevent scattered mountains of dirty clothes on the floor. Keeping your floor free of dirty clothes piles will go a long way in keeping your room looking tidy. Just having them in your periphery can make your bedroom feel like quagmire. Just be sure to empty and wash frequently so you don't end up with an overflowing laundry basket!



Washing and drying your clothes is often the easy part - it's putting the clean clothes away where it becomes tedious! If you don't put your clothes away immediately, they will end up in piles. Clean piles that eventually become wrinkled chaos. Do yourself a favor and fold or hang your clean clothes as soon as they are out of the dryer. You'll thank yourself later.



There's something about a simple, well-organized nightstand that evokes a calming feel. The same goes for dressers or other tabletop surfaces you may have in your bedroom. The more "stuff" you accumulate on these spaces, the more of a drag it will be to clean. Think of the necessities you might want nearby - a reading lamp for instance. Maybe you'll want the current book you’re reading at arm’s reach. You also may want to keep some lotion, a picture frame, and some reading glasses close by. Keep it simple. This will make it easy on yourself when it comes time to dust and clean.



If your closet is too full, you may feel less inclined to put things back in it. An easy solution to this problem is to label bins for your off-season clothes and store them elsewhere. This will create extra space in your closet and provide easier access for stowing away other closet items.



We’re all guilty of sometimes kicking off our shoes on the floor when we walk into our room. If you don't already have a shoe rack, it might be a good idea to invest in one. There are plenty of options depending the space you have available. The shoe racks that go on the floor are particularly handy – some even having two or three shelves. There are also some shoe racks that hang from your closet rod. However, if you're running extra low on space, try using an over-the-door style shoe rack. Whatever you choose, keeping your shoes off the ground will help keep your room looking spic and span.



Perhaps one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your room looking tidy is making your bed every day. Having a clean bed is probably the biggest contributor to making your room look orderly. A great way to start this daily habit is by investing in wrinkle-free sheets - keeping your bed looking sharp even between washes. PeachSkinSheets are breathable, durable, ultra soft, and wrinkle-free. This means you can rest easy knowing that your sheets will hold up wash after wash. In addition to keeping wrinkles at bay, simply pull your comforter up tightly toward your pillows and stack the pillows neatly. This totally completes the look of a clean bed. 

These suggestions should not replace the need for a monthly deep clean, but can definitely help in a daily effort to having a peaceful and tidy room to enjoy. Most of the tips we've listed will take only minutes to complete, but can have a long lasting effect on your overall wellbeing.