A cozy bedroom featuring Classic White PeachSkinSheets.

9 Bedroom Design Ideas for PeachSkinSheets Lovers

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Don't let your boring bedroom get you down! If you're tired of looking at the same old furniture and walls every day, it's time to get creative with these master bedroom ideas!

1. Mid-Century Modern

With a simplistic — yet well-designed and artful — bed frame, the rest of your room will come together around this centerpiece. Brushed Silver sheets are the perfect accompaniment to a mid-century modern bedroom because they're elegant, yet completely classic at the same time. Silver bedding and wood accessories are the perfect way to make this aesthetic come to life in a way that's peaceful and welcoming.

2. A Fun, Lush Headboard

Fewer things complement PeachSkinSheets' soft sheets like a lush headboard made out of luxury fabric such as velvet or satin. As the focal point of your bedroom, your headboard will serve as the place where your eyes fall as soon as you enter the room. Take advantage of bold colors you might not have considered otherwise. You can always tone down bold headboard hues with more subdued sheets and bedding. If you go for a royal green velvet headboard, tone down the rest of the look with Mint Julep.

3. Springtime Pink All Year 'Round

Nobody said you're relegated to enjoying the beautiful pinks and rosy shades of spring just one season every year. When you make your bedroom up in vibrant pinks, the space will take on a personality all its own. Our Cotton Candy sheet set is the perfect accompaniment to a spring-inspired bedroom suit any time of year. Whatever time of year you bought your PeachSkinSheets, you can keep them fresh for a long time – and continue to redesign your bedroom around them!

4. 1950s Glam

You could also call this Mid-Century Chic. It takes the glamorous feel of the 1950s and combines it with minimalist-yet-modern furniture architecture. The key is finding texture within the pieces you display in your bedroom. Maybe you have plush throw pillows, or perhaps you choose a super ornate bedspread. In any event, you'll want colors that mildly clash — but in a good way. Harvest Gold is an awesome way to ramp up the retro glam.

5. Watercolor Dreams

You aren't required to stick to a single shade or color when you're putting your bedroom together. In fact, an ice-cream flavored bedroom can be a lot of fun. You can use whimsical shades that are reminiscent of the watercolors you used to love when you were a kiddo to create a grown-up master bedroom that's fit for a king. Pair Beach Blue sheets with Vanilla Bean pillowcases and top your creation off with a Peach duvet cover. If this doesn't work for your adult bedroom, your kids will certainly enjoy sleeping in their own version of an ice cream cone!

6. Royal Crimson Romance

For a bolder and more romantic look, go with Red Velvet or Deep Crimson Red sheets. If you don't want to overpower your peaceful room with deeper colors, consider using the red hues for your sheets and pillowcases, while covering them with a contrasting color. When the bed's made and the sheets are folded down, you'll enjoy the perfect pairing.

7. Warm & Cool

Bright white bedding is an easy contrast to dark-colored walls. If you've opted for dark blue hues on your vertical space, balance out your place with light or brightly colored bedding that'll lift the eye and make the room feel more open. Butter Cream is a great accent to many blues and other dark shades. It can complement the room nicely without overwhelming the colors you've put on your walls. As a note: Mariner Blue and Butter Cream are a perfect combination for a boy's room if you're looking for bedroom inspiration for your younger family members.

8. Clean Lines Meet Texture

Fuzzy throw pillows and ultra-furry area rugs are fun things to throw into a bedroom, but they often need a calmer partner when it comes to creating the right look on the bed. You can easily combine clean lines and simple, solid colors with fun, outrageous textures that'll make you want to run barefoot through your bedroom all day long. The key here is finding a few simple hues that work well together so you can go crazy with the textures and fabrics that are meant to get most of the attention. Midnight Black sheets beneath a lighter duvet offer a stark contrast while simultaneously laying the perfect canvas for creative fabrics to finish the look.

9. Blue & Gold Glow

Blue is known to be a color that naturally calms and brings peace, which is why you'll often find it in places where people sleep. Gold accents surrounding dark blue hues offer a certain sense of regal prestige to bedrooms, bringing together the calming effect of the blue and a bit of royalty with the metallic-inspired shades of gold. PeachSkinSheets' Mariner Blue is the perfect foundation for this look. Any golds you put on top of it, whether they're accent pillows, golden-colored pillowcases, or throw blankets, will look great atop this dark hue of blue.

When it comes to creating your perfect bedroom, get creative! Don't feel confined to a single shade or color. This is your bedroom, and you can get as interesting as you please with your color palette! 

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