PeachSkinPets especially like when PeachSkinSheets stay snug on the bed.

How to Keep Sheets on the Bed

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There’s nothing like slipping into bed between nice clean sheets and drifting away into dreamland. But if your sheets are continually popping off the bed in the middle of the night, there’s nothing pleasant about getting up five times to get them back on the bed. Your sheets help to protect your mattress and keep you comfortable at night, but they won’t do their job if you wake up and they're bunched up around your waist or your feet.

Keeping your sheets put during the night can be especially challenging if you toss and turn. However, there are solutions that can keep the bedding in place while you slumber.

Save the Sheets: What NOT to DO

First, let’s talk a little about what you shouldn’t do to try to keep sheets from slipping off the bed at night. Search for how to keep your sheets on the bed, and you’ll quickly find hundreds of suggestions. Unfortunately, not all of them are a good idea.

Some people have suggested using safety pins to keep sheets in place. Nope! Don’t try this. Safety pins aren’t going to do any good, and they’ll put holes in your bed sheet. Don’t ruin your soft sheets with safety pin holes. Over time, trying to use safety pins could even result in larger holes or rips in your sheets. So, don’t try this idea at home.

No Brainer: Be Sure You Have the Right Size

This may sound like a no brainer, but one of the most common reasons sheets slip off the bed is because they’re the wrong size. Sure, you probably know the difference between twin, full, queen, and king-sized sheets, but sometimes sheet sets will only fit a standard type mattress. If you have a plush pillowtop mattress or another type of thick mattress, some sheet sets may not have pockets deep enough to fit your bed correctly.

If you do have a thicker mattress or you use a mattress pad or topper, which adds to the thickness, you’ll need to make sure the sheets have deep pockets. PeachSkinSheets come with 22-inch deep pockets and elastic all the way around to ensure they’ll fit double pillow top, custom number, and memory foam mattresses without a problem.

Using Sheet Suspenders with Your PeachSkinSheets

If you have the right size sheets and still have problems with the fitted sheet staying put, a specialty item available for beds is sheet suspenders. They work in the same way that suspenders do for pants. The suspenders go under the mattress with clips that clip onto the four corners of the fitted sheet. This way it holds them in place, you won’t know the straps are there, and all you have to do is unclip the sheet when you’re ready to change the sheets, clipping clean sheets in place. While it’s a pain to get them under your mattress the first time, they’re easy to use once you have them in place. Unfortunately, the sheet suspenders found in retail stores are cheaply made and do not work, so we suggest ordering The Original Sheet Suspenders from These are great because you do not have to lift your mattress to attach them and they will hold any set of sheets in place!

The Smaller, Easier Alternative to Sheet Suspenders

Another smaller and easier alternative to full bed suspenders are tiny elastic straps (which can also be found at that are only used on the corners of your bed sheets. They are small strips of elastic, and they have clips at each end. After you have the fitted sheet in place, you clip one end of your strap a few inches away from the corner, slide it under the corner of the mattress, and then clip the other end a few inches away from the other corner. Do this on each corner of the mattress, and your sheets will stay in place without a problem. Of course, it’s an extra step to worry about when you’re putting clean sheets on your bed.

Use Your Sewing Skills to Keep Your Sheets in Place

If you’re a fair seamstress, you can use your sewing skills on your sheets. DIY sheet straps can be sewn right onto your sheets to help them stay in place. All you need is your own elastic straps, and you can sew them onto your fitted sheets, so it stays on the mattress without a problem. You’ll want to start with ½-inch wide strips of elastic. Then, sew them onto the corner on each side on the open end of the fitted sheet. Stretch the elastic, sliding beneath the corner of your mattress when putting the sheets on the bed for additional security.

The Best Bed Sheet Brands: PeachSkinSheets Stay Put

If you’re looking for the best bed sheet brands that stay put, PeachSkinSheets offers several features that will keep them in place. First, they have 22-inch deep pockets along with elastic all around the fitted sheet, so they fit even deep, thick mattresses without a problem. The sheets also feature a non-sateen, anti-slip finish. This means that you won’t slip and slide around in bed, and it also means that your sheets are less likely to move and slide around on the bed, keeping them in place.

Beyond staying put without a problem, PeachSkinSheets provide many other great benefits, too. They’re excellent hot sleeper sheets for people who have hot flashes or night sweats, yet they’re temperature-controlled to keep cool sleepers cozy at night. You’ll also love that they’re soft right out of the package, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial. They come right out of the dryer wrinkle-free, too. Even if you use them daily or you have pets or kids romping on the bed, they're tough and durable. When you want soft, comfortable sheets that will stay in place so you can enjoy a great night of rest, you’ll definitely want to have a set of PeachSkinSheets on your bed. Order free fabric swatches to feel the difference for yourself!