How to Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Sanctuary

How to Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Sanctuary

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We use our bedrooms for many things. Dressing rooms, movie theaters, hangout spots, and impromptu dance floors. But the bedroom’s primary function is, of course, to sleep in. We retreat to it at the end of the day to unwind and get away from the world. Too often though, we let the stress of our daily life pile up in the bedroom. Some of which includes unfinished tasks, disorganized clothing and mementos overflowing from our closets, only to get stuffed into drawers.

Because our bedroom is not the spotlight area of our home, we might neglect to give it the same attention more popular areas receive. However, our bedroom is just as much, if not more worthy of keeping clean and tidy. Our bedroom should be a tranquil sanctuary where we come to refresh for another day.

Here are a few simple steps to transform your bedroom into your own private getaway, so you can properly recharge every night and be the best you can be.



Purge all unnecessary clutter from your bedroom. Store unused items in hall closets, the basement, or the attic. Get rid of old clothes, clear that pile of clothing off of your chair, and find another place in the house for piles of paperwork and bills. Keep only the essentials - clothing, art and décor that you love, and the products you use every day. Keep surfaces clean and cleared. A clean and simply decorated room will be a peaceful room, and your clutter is most likely contributing to unnecessary stress.



Once you’ve de-cluttered, keep things that way! Find a place to keep everything, and return that item there once you’re done with it. It’s so easy to get home and throw your purse, coat, and shoes wherever they land, but make the small effort to put them back where they belong. There’s nothing as calming as a neat and orderly bedroom, and it doesn’t take much effort to keep it that way!


A top-notch bedding set can transform an entire bedroom. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as slipping into luscious sheets and comforters. PeachSkinSheets are true to their name. They’re exceptionally smooth and cozy. And because they’re wrinkle free, they require very little maintenance to keep your bed welcoming time after time.



Keep artwork in your bedroom that makes you happy and reflects your personal style. Don’t clutter the wall with lots of different frames and pictures that create a chaotic feel. But rather, choose a few simple pieces that exude peace and serenity. Don’t feel obligated to hang up every item that you love in your bedroom. Instead, find another spot in the house for energetic pieces, and keep art with nature scenes, muted and neutral colors, or watercolors for the bedroom.



There’s an entire school of thought around how paint color can affect our mood. Whether or not there’s any validity to the science, it can definitely help calm a bedroom to stick with naturally calming colors. Some great color schemes for bedrooms are light blue, greens, simple classic white, and neutral tans/browns. Lavender is also a wonderful color for a serene bedroom.



Colors may help to calm your mood, but soothing scents do too! Try different scented candles with smells you adore, or invest in an essential oil diffuser and have fun experimenting with different calming oil blends. Incense can also fill your bedroom with a soothing aroma that’s conducive for relaxation.



If the location of your bedroom is subject to a lot of outside noise, a white noise machine might help. There are also CDs, apps and sound systems that can transform your bedroom into a rainforest, tropical beach, or even a Tibetan temple! These tranquil noises can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

You work hard, and you deserve a sanctuary away from the tenacious stresses of daily life. Try some of these simple tricks and your bedroom will soon become the most tranquil room in your home.