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Linen Closet Gone Rogue - 7 Ways to Get It Back In Shape

Have you ever opened your linen closet to grab some clean sheets or put away clean laundry and discover a tornado has touched down inside it? Towels mixed with cleaning rags, sheets you gave up on folding stuffed into a corner, and your first aid supplies and toilet paper seem to have started a miniature civil war…

Linen closets are usually tucked away in our houses, and subsequently can get easily out of sorts. Still, we need them to be functional, so we can access and store what we need without annoyance. So, how do you wrangle a rogue linen closet into submission?



  1. Store wisely
  2. Compartmentalize
  3. Designate space
  4. Give yourself space
  5. Label
  6. Keep it fresh
  7. Tidy and purge regularly


Be realistic about the actual capacity of your linen closet, and only store what will fit. If you stuff it until it is completely full, it logically follows that it will be very difficult to find what you need for next time. Try to find another place in your house for items that are non-essentials in your linen closet.

Increase the function of your closet by adding partitions and compartments. Bins, large totes, baskets, and boxes all help keep clutter tamed. Plus, stylish and uniform containers add a sleekly organized feel to any space. These are particularly great if you don’t need to fold everything perfectly to keep them from wrinkling. PeachSkinSheets, of course, are always wrinkle-free! So that solves that dilemma!

Make sure each item has its own designated place, and always return it to that part of the closet after usage. This means all of your sheets, towels, bins, totes, iron accessories, and cleaning products. You might actually be building up clutter by putting something back in the closet in a space that’s just been vacated by something else, and then try stuffing both items into that spot. This is why tip #1 is important - make sure you have room for everything, and only what you use regularly!

Try to leave space around each item. It might not seem like you’re properly utilizing the space, but it’s easier to find and consistently return items back to their own place without a fight.

Using labels, especially on neat containers, will help you stick with tip #3 - and help others find what they need easily too. Find a cute printable on Pinterest in a font and design you like to make your closet not only functional, but stylish.

Place sachets around the closet with aromatic herbs or spices. This will help ward off musty smells and mildew.

You don’t have to do regular re-organization sessions, but take a few moments ever so often to put things back in their place, wipe down your shelves, and dust lightly. Once or twice a year, purge unused or worn out items, and reorganize if necessary.

Follow these tips, and a clean and harmonious linen closet is well within your grasp! Always remember to personalize your space to your own liking. If you don’t care for a preference we’ve listed, make it your own and get creative with it!


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