Looking for the Softest Sheets Ever - Skip the Bargain Basement

Looking for the Softest Sheets Ever - Skip the Bargain Basement

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Most of us happily look forward to that moment when we can shut down the computer, turn off the lights, and climb into our cozy beds for the night. After a long day of work and play, there is nothing more pleasurable than a soft bed and a rejuvenating sleep. And really, it is so important to our health and well-being to get a good night’s rest consistently. After all, we spend about a third of our lives in deep sleep. That’s no small matter when it comes to our overall quality of life.

But when it comes to buying sheets for your bed, we’ve all had pretty common experiences. You head to your local big box store and spend thirty minutes staring at the selection of sheets. Maybe you’re not so sure what thread count means, or if microfiber or polyester blend would feel better. At some point, you may just decide on a color you can tolerate, forget the rest, and head for the checkout stand.

But in actuality, we should all take time to choose quality sheets that feel great all night long. By upgrading your sheets, it just may be your secret ingredient to a perfect night’s rest. Read on for a quick primer on how to best choose your next set of sheets.



The first item to consider when looking at sheets what they are made of. Sheets come in all kinds of fabrics, from cheap quality to royalty. Most of the low quality varieties you find in the aisles at your local discount store are made from rough blends that don’t feel great and last only a short while.

Some of your more quality options include cotton, bamboo, and linen. Cotton is the old standby and can be just as luxurious as other exotic materials if produced correctly. It is a durable fabric that can withstand a lot of wash and wear. However, it can wrinkle and shrink. Bamboo is typically very silky, but can be quite fragile. Linen is a luxurious fabric that is eco-friendly and cool in the summer, but is definitely not cheap.


Ah, the mysterious thread count. It’s actually a pretty simple idea. Thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads within a square inch. The more densely packed the thread is within each square inch, the more durable and soft the fabric will be. If you head to the store, look for thread counts between 200 and 800. The most lavish fabrics will have a thread count over 1,000.



Some sheets are just not made for rough wear. You have to consider all possibilities of your lifestyle when choosing sheets. If you plan to wash your sheets in hot water and don’t have time (or inclination) to line-dry them, you probably should stay away from the more fragile fabrics like bamboo.

You should also consider longevity. Have you ever stayed at grandma’s house and loved the softness of the vintage sheets on her guest bed? Some sheets are made to last, and often will even get softer as time progresses! Bedding is an investment, and if you choose high-quality materials, they can last for years.



If you’re like most people, you probably wake up in the middle of the night feeling overheated at times. Cotton or poorly crafted sheets are often the culprits. And they don’t do much to help wick away any sweat, either. So there you are, hot and sweaty, just trying to get comfortable enough to fall back to sleep.

That’s when you should start considering to purchase higher quality sheets. Bamboo is typically more breathable, as is linen. You also might want to consider synthetically crafted sheets that are made for breathability purposes. These sheets can be just as effective as the more common materials, especially since they are customized to give you a great night’s rest.



Allergies are on the rise, and it is not at all uncommon anymore to struggle with environmental sensitivities. The skin is the largest organ, and it comes into contact with many different surfaces throughout the day. If you’ve ever broken out in a rash or hives, you’ll know that your skin can be picky with materials.

If you struggle with asthma, you know how important it is to keep your bed clean and allergen-free. Always choose sheets that will prevent allergic reactions, not cause an uncomfortable night’s rest. Look for labels that say the sheets are anti-microbial, and you’ll know you’re safe from harm (and gross microscopic bugs!).

When it comes to your sleeping environment, you don’t want to head for the bargain aisle. It’s just not worth it. Educate yourself on the various options for all of your bedding and especially for your sheets. Your face and skin directly touch your sheets all night long, which means they had better be crafted to promote good health and sleep.

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