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Why Have Purple Sheets in Your Bedroom?

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When you’re choosing colors for the bedroom, it’s an excellent idea to investigate some color psychology to find colors that will work together to create the relaxing atmosphere you want for sleep.

Colors have the power to impact your emotional state and may even cause physical responses, so it’s essential to choose wisely.

Purple is a color that brings together cool and warm tones, bringing a touch of mystery and artistry to a room. While it can be a strong, bold color choice, softer purples make an excellent choice for your bedroom décor, including your bedsheets. Here’s a closer look at why this color offers a great option for sheets, pillows, and other items in the bedroom.

Purple, A History

Purple is a secondary color that’s a mixture of blue and red, although the amount of those two colors can vary the shade of purple. There’s a long linguistic chain of variation in the words used for purple, including the Latin purpura and the Old English purpul. Then, there’s porphura, the Greek term describing a purple dye that was manufactured in Tyre during the classical era — a dye prized for persistence as it would get brighter with weathering and sun exposure instead of fading as most colors did at the time. Some have even suggested that Phoenicia actually means “the land of purple.”

For years, purple has been associated with dignity and royalty, with royals wearing purple throughout history, along with honored military veterans and public officials. Often associated with magic and mysticism through the years, the color brings a sense of mystery and curiosity as well.

Although purple is quite rare in nature, the color is thought to have appeared in art back in the Neolithic era when sticks of hematite powder and manganese were used to paint outlines and animals on the walls of caves. These works date back to somewhere between 16,000 and 25,000 BC. Later, in Britain, purple hues became quite popular among pre-Raphaelite painters. During this period, purple was often made by mixing madder and cobalt blue.

Color Psychology: The Feelings Behind Purple

Because the well-off were often the only ones who could afford purple items in the past, it’s still associated with royalty and wealth today. Beyond royalty, it often has an exotic connection and is linked to creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. It’s known as the color of curiosity and mystery and often helps spark new ideas.
Purple has become a very symbolic color in many different religions and cultures, which is why it’s closely associated with impulses and mindsets that are otherworldly, as well as mysteries of the spirit. The color often elicits a sense of meaning within the world, along with a deep calm.

Physiologically, purple seems to have a calming effect on the body and mind, particularly the softer purples. It’s often inspiring and uplifting, and the blue undertones in the color offer a soothing effect, which can lower heart rate and blood pressure. This makes the color a great choice for many rooms in the home, depending on the exact shades you choose. Bold purples look stunning in living rooms, while softer shades that give you more of a dreamlike, relaxing feel may be better options for the bedroom.

Just a few different shades of purple that can be great for decorating include:

  • Plum
  • Eggplant
  • Royal purple
  • Wisteria
  • Deep lilac
  • Veronica
  • Lavender

PeachSkinSheets Take on Purple: Eggplant and Lavender Sheet Sets

Whether you prefer something soft and romantic for the bedroom or something bolder, you’ll find some great choices among the PeachSkinSheets Classic Sheet Sets.

 Two beautiful options in purple include:

  • Lavender Mist Sheet Sets – These Lavender Mist sheets are a lovely pastel lilac shade that is whimsical and romantic, making them a great addition to a bedroom that has a lighter, romantic style of décor. This shade looks great with various white and off-white shades, with touches of deeper purple as accents.
  • Eggplant Sheet Sets – With the Eggplant sheet sets, you get a lovely, deep plum shade of rich purple that adds elegance to any bedroom. While it’s a bold color choice, it offers a richness that’ll make you think of royalty each time you pull back the sheets.

Of course, you could always have some fun mixing and matching the lavender mist and eggplant sheet sets, choosing to go with a bold eggplant bottom sheet with a lavender top sheet, or adding bold eggplant pillowcases to a bed made up with lavender mist sheets. It’s always fun to mix and match and play with different shades of purple in the bedroom.

Why Choose PeachSkinSheets?

Why turn to PeachSkinSheets for your purple-hued sheet sets? Our sheets offer some unique benefits you won’t find with other bedding. One of the main features is the 21st-century SMART fabric that’s used to craft these sheets. This fabric is the latest in sleep technology textiles, and it’s designed to be lightweight and breathable, decreasing sweating and wicking away moisture, so you don’t end up sleeping in damp sheets if you sweat a lot at night. And they’re not just for hot sleepers that have night sweats; they’re temperature controlled, so hot sleepers will stay cool at night, yet cool sleepers stay nice and cozy.

Feeling great between the sheets is important, and with PeachSkinSheets you get an extraordinary 1500-thread level of softness, even from the first time you take them out of the package. They’re pill-resistant, too, so you don’t need to worry about bothersome pilling that makes sheets uncomfortable. Despite their amazing softness, they’re still tough and durable, which means they’re perfect if you have pets or kids. And these sheets are both anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, making them an excellent choice for those with allergies or skin issues.

Want to feel the sheets for yourself? Order free swatches to feel the extraordinary softness, and see our shades of purple in person!

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