The Best Sheets for People With Eczema

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Change Your Sheets, Change Your Skin

We all know that our skin can be temperamental. Several factors can affect its condition, like:

  • Weather
  • Bathing Habits 
  • Sleeping Habits
  • Diet 

Did you know that the quality of your sheets and how often you change them can also be the difference between aggravated skin and non-aggravated skin?

Here's how you can save your skin by changing your sheets.

Your Skin is a Complex Organ

In 1 inch of skin, you have approximately 650 glands, 1000 nerve endings and 20 blood vessels.

That's why finding the best sheets for your skin is so important.

Sleep Habits and Your Skin

We spend a lot of time in bed. So much that it adds up to dozens of years for the average person. While we're catching Z's, our skin still requires a little extra care. 

10% of Americans have some form of Eczema. Eczema is comprised of a group of skin conditions that can lead to your skin becoming irritated or inflamed. Atopic dermatitis is one of the most common forms. 

Eczema can feel like...

  • Dry, sensitive skin
  • Itchiness 
  • Inflammation 
  • Rough patches 

Eczema can flare up due to a variety of aggravating factors.

Could Your Sheets Be Making Your Skin Condition Worse?

There are many reasons why eczema flare-ups could occur, including exposure to coarse materials like cotton, wool, flannel and hemp.

What's one way you can help your skin out, beyond changing your sheets to a less coarse fabric? Improve your sheet washing habits!

To keep your sheets clean and prevent skin problems, it is important to wash them weekly. Your body gets rid of 30,000 to 40,000 old skin cells everyday, and keeping your sheets clean of those cells can help keep your skin healthy.

The Best Sheets for People with Eczema

With all of the above information above, we believe PeachSkinSheets are the best sheets for people with eczema. Why?

PeachSkinSheets are...

  • Soft and Luxurious
  • Durable and Pill Resistant
  • Known for Moisture-Wicking Properties
  • Spandex-Free
  • Hypoallergenic and Anti-Microbial

Want to learn more? Read about our SMART fabric!

Whether you're in search of bedding that won't irritate your skin or are simply looking for luxuriously soft sheets, PeachSkinSheets are the perfect choice!