Get Better Sleep

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How to Get to Sleep Faster

We’ve all been there - we’re exhausted, hop into bed and…we’re wide awake. If you are unable to relax at night, your quality of life could be impacted.

The Impact of Sleeplessness

If you have trouble sleeping, you’re not alone. Most adults get less than the minimum recommendation for sleep per night - 6.7 hours instead of 7-9. This will lead us to spend $52 billion per year on sleep aids and remedies by 2020.

What’s Keeping You Up?

Stress could be keeping you up at night, as could excessive mental or physical activity right before bed. You may also be feeling too warm.

Encourage Your Body to Rest

One way to make yourself sleepy is to cool down - take a warm bath, put on socks, and ensure your sheets are keeping you cool all night long.

For more tips, see the infographic above.