A cozy bedroom in the winter.

4 Reasons to Buy Hot Sleeper Sheets in the Winter

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When winter comes and temperatures begin to drop, some people start reaching for thick flannel sheets to ward off the cold. However, despite the cooler weather, many people prefer to skip the warm bedding during the winter, choosing hot sleeper sheets specifically designed for hot sleepers and individuals with night sweats instead.

Here is a closer look at several reasons you may want to purchase cooling sheets this winter for a better night of rest:

Reason #1 – You’re Going through Menopause and Experiencing Hot Flashes

According to Menopause.org, as many as 75 percent of perimenopausal women within the United States deal with hot flashes. After menopause, women often continue to have hot flashes for years, and this has the potential to interfere with sleep at night. While some hot flashes only last for a few seconds, others can last for 10 minutes or more, and longer hot flashes become particularly problematic when they occur at night.

Even during the winter, if you are dealing with hot flashes, the last thing you want to do is to crawl into bed with hot flannel sheets. You’ll want sheets that feel cool and luxurious against your skin instead. PeachSkinSheets are made of polyfiber, which is a breathable fabric that keeps you feeling cooler at night, and, unlike cotton, polyfiber won’t shrink when you wash it.

Reason #2 – You Deal With Night Sweats

Do you deal with night sweats? If so, sheets that help you feel cooler and drier may be a perfect choice instead of those heavy winter sheets. Although women are often known for dealing with night sweats during and after menopause, night sweats affect men as well.

Night sweats can be caused by many different things, including hormonal imbalances. The hormonal imbalances that come with menopause often cause both night sweats and hot flashes, which can really interrupt your sleep. Other hormonal issues may result in night sweats as well, including adrenal failure, hyperthyroidism and pheochromocytoma. Certain medications and illnesses can also result in night sweats that leave you feeling uncomfortable at night.

Many people find themselves looking for new cooling sheets for night sweats, and PeachSkinSheets are specifically designed to handle the moisture that comes along with them. Made of polyfiber, PeachSkinSheets use advanced technology to achieve an extremely tight weave. Tightly woven polyfiber naturally repels liquids, wicks away sweat, and dries quickly no matter how much you sweat at night.

Reason #3 – You’re a Naturally Hot Sleeper

You don’t have to be going through menopause or dealing with a medical condition to be a hot sleeper or deal with night sweats. Some people just sleep hot naturally and prefer to have hot sleeper sheets that keep them cool and dry at night. In some cases, lifestyle factors may turn you into a hot sleeper and cause night sweats. Drinking hot beverages, indulging in your favorite spicy foods, or exercising too close to bedtime may make you sweat at night. Keeping your home overly warm at night may also contribute to the problem, as well as anxiety and stress.

If you’re a hot sleeper, you definitely don’t want to sleep under sheets made of heavy materials like flannel. But even cotton isn’t a great choice since it doesn’t dry quickly and tends to retain moisture. PeachSkinSheets sheets are both cool and comfortable for hot sleepers because they pull moisture away from your skin, and they’re also incredibly soft. The 1500 Thread Count Luxurious Feel makes them feel soft and light against your skin, while remaining durable enough to stand up to regular use and routine washing. The colors are also vibrant and won’t fade, so your sheets will continue to look beautiful over time.

Reason #4 – You’re a Hot Sleeper but Sleep with a Cool Sleeper

Are you a hot sleeper with night sweats looking for sheets that make you feel cooler and drier, but sleep with a cool sleeper who likes to be warm at night? PeachSkinSheets are perfect for both hot sleepers and cool sleepers. These breathable sheets provide both moisture management and thermal control, and while they’ll keep hot sleepers feeling cool, they’ll also keep cool sleepers nice and cozy.

A Winter Solution for Hot Sleepers

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you’re feeling cold at night when you’re asleep. Whether you’re dealing with menopausal hot flashes, going through night sweats, or you’re merely a naturally hot sleeper, the thought of sleeping under flannel or other heavy fabrics probably sounds miserable. If you’re looking for cooler sheets for night sweats, menopause sheets, or options designed for hot sleepers, PeachSkinSheets are the perfect option. They offer a cozy solution that will keep your partner nice and toasty while they help you deal with hot flashes and night sweats.

These hot sleeper sheets for winter come in many different colors, so it’s easy to find a color that matches your current bedroom décor. Currently, you can get Regular Size PeachSkinSheets in any color for only $55, and Split King and Duvet Cover Sets are on sale for $75 through the end of December. It’s the perfect time to invest in a comfortable night of rest for you and your partner.

Stop putting up with hot sheet sets during the winter that only fuel your hot flashes and night sweats. Invest in a set of PeachSkinSheets today and start enjoying your “long winter’s nap”!