2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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The holidays sneak up on many of us – leaving us scrambling to decide on what to buy. In the hustle and bustle of a whirlwind year and a busy holiday season, you may find yourself wanting to go beyond the latest tech gifts or cool gadgets. Go a little deeper to find gifts that really speak to the person you’re shopping for - shoot for things that retain their usefulness long after the lights have been taken down and the Christmas tree is at the curb.

Box Subscriptions

There was a time when box subscriptions were just for meals. Sure, there were a few small ones here and there, but it was nothing like it is today. While there are still the meal boxes, there are also candy, clothing, cosmetics, and bath product boxes. There are even boxes for dogs, babies, and rainy day kid’s activities. Nowadays there’s a box for literally everything!

The really cool thing about a box subscription is that it keeps giving all year round. When you buy a subscription, a new box is delivered every month. There are several fashion box subscriptions that even use a stylist to put looks together for you. Some also allow you to purchase pieces separately, so you aren’t committed to the entire ensemble if it isn’t something you like.

Personal care boxes are very popular right now. There are beauty boxes, boxes for razors and shaving, and even boxes for fragrances. Basically, if there is an interest for it, there’s more than likely a box for it. To find subscription boxes, a quick internet search usually yields great results. Just include the type or theme of the box you are looking for and start shopping. Whether you are getting that special someone a bagel of the month or a coffee and book club subscription, subscription boxes are always a hit!

Outdoor and Fitness Gear

Health and wellness have been enjoying increasing popularity across all age groups. As more and more people are taking an interest in their health, the door is opening for products that encourage you to get up and move. This translates to some really cool gift ideas for you. There are so many directions you can go, but outdoor gear and fitness gear are extremely popular right now.

For the hiker, there are a number of great gadgets they will love. What is really nice about this is the wide range of prices. If you are on a budget, you can still find something useful for just a few dollars. A wilderness survival card is a great example. This survival tool set is the size of a credit card and includes fish hooks, saw blades, tweezers, and more.

On the higher end of the scale, you can find heat or cold retaining items like high end thermoses, mugs, coolers — the list goes on. Fire lighting kits are also great, practical gifts. Fitness gear makes a great gift as well. While some items are more personal, exercise bands, a fitness watch, and smart cups make terrific gifts that can be enjoyed all year!

The Bedroom Sanctuary

Few gifts are more appreciated than those that promote relaxation and wellness. If you want to give something special and unique this holiday season, help your loved ones turn their bedrooms into sanctuaries. There are so many ways you can facilitate this, from luxurious bedding to a weighted blanket for a little extra comfort, or incredibly soft pillowcases.

A unique lamp can also provide a soothing glow to the room, while a noise machine provides a calming affect with sounds like rain or a babbling brook. Essential oil diffusers are also wonderful relaxation gifts. You can even put together your own deep sleep basket with several items like a sleep mask, soothing sounds CD and 1500 thread count level of softness sheets. Put them in a nice basket and add a bottle of wine or a gift card to a nearby bookstore, and you have created the gift of glorious relaxation!

Comfortable, soft, moisture-wicking bedsheets are the ultimate gift that keeps giving all year long. You might think of them as a summer item, but during the winter months when the heater is running, it’s easy to get too warm and sweat. Damp sheets are not pleasant no matter what time of year it is. That’s why PeachSkinSheets are the perfect gift for any season. 

When you’re doing your holiday shopping this year, think outside the gift box. Think about the person, what makes them special and unique, and then seek out gifts that speak to that. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and the personal attention you take to find just the right gift. And if PeachSkinSheets can help you make someone’s holidays a little more special, well, that’s all the better!