A woman rises from a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Awareness Month with PeachSkinSheets

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March is Sleep Awareness Month – the perfect time to review your sleep hygiene and make some changes to improve your health! Your quality of sleep isn’t just tied to how rested you feel, but also to your overall wellness. If you don’t sleep well, your body cannot function at its best.

With both the daylight savings time change and spring allergies upon us, getting your sleep habits in order has never been more important.

Why Is Sleep Important?

Getting better sleep starts with understanding the importance of rest. The average American gets just under 7 hours of sleep per night – when we all need 7-9 to stay healthy. Our devices, our busy lives and our perpetual stresses have all impacted our ability to stay on track with sleep habits over time. And when you don’t rest? You may find that you are less motivated, less likely to remember things, less productive, and moodier.

How Is Your Sleep Quality?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep quality is determined by:

  • How long it takes you to fall asleep
  • How many times you wake up throughout the night and how long you are awake for
  • How long you are asleep

If you are asleep 85% of the night, you are reaching the sleep efficiency necessary for “optimal health benefits.” If you spend more than 30 minutes trying to sleep at night and wake up during the night for long stretches of time (if it takes you more than 20 minutes to go back to sleep), your sleep quality would be considered poor. And that matters because…

Your sleep quality is directly related to your overall health.

Read that again! You could be doing all the right things: eating well, exercising, avoiding screens – and still be suffering the effects of ill health due to poor sleep.

How to Get Better Sleep: Start Here

Getting better sleep starts with having healthier habits. We’ve put together some ideas for getting started:

Wind down – Give yourself 30 minutes before bedtime to relax - no screens, no extreme physical activity – just you and your brain calming down from a long day.

Exercise regularly – Did you know that 150 minutes of exercise per week can improve sleep quality by 65%?

Cool down – Cooling your body temperature when it’s time for bed can make you feel sleepy, as your metabolic rhythms tend to slow. Sheets that keep you cooler can keep your body in sleep mode all night!

Quick tip: Take a warm shower or bath before bed. Your body temperature will drop rapidly when you exit, prompting your body’s sleep mode! Just a 1 to 2 degree temperature drop can induce deep sleep.

Add socks – Having a cooler body temperature and warm extremities can lead to a 30 minute increase in average sleep time and a 50% decrease in nighttime wakings.

Choose high quality bedding – Just ask any dad sitting on a comfortable couch…being cozy is the key to falling asleep quickly. Choose high quality, breathable fabrics that help maintain your cooler temperature all night long.

Sleep Awareness Week Kicks Off March 13th

March 13th kicks off a week dedicated to awareness around the importance of sleep. This culminates in Sleep Awareness Day on March 18th. We couldn’t be more excited to see organizations focus directly on the importance of good sleep, as it has so many ripple effects across our lives.

Start Your Sleep Health Journey with Better Sheets

PeachSkinSheets bedding is designed with your comfort in mind. Thanks to a unique moisture-wicking, temperature-controlled fabric, hot sleepers stay cool and cool sleepers stay cozy.

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