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Split King Sheets vs. King Sheets: Here’s the Difference

For most people, buying a mattress with their significant other is one of the most difficult things that they will do over the course of their relationship. Everyone is a little bit different, and as a result, preferences regarding the firmness of the bed vary wildly. Rather than all but guaranteeing that one person comes away with the proverbial short end of the stick, the split king bed was born.

A split king bed essentially creates a single king bed out of two totally separate mattresses, allowing each person to finally embrace the firmness level they enjoy. This is as opposed to a traditional king bed, which is a single mattress. This unique type of setup requires the use of split king sheets.

What Are Split King Sheets?

When purchasing standard sheets for a king bed, you typically get one fitted sheet to cover the entirety of your mattress. Sheets for a split king bed, however, are a bit different — they offer the equivalent of two twin extra-large sheets to cover a similar-sized mattress, along with elastic (or sometimes corner straps) to assist with fitting.

The end result is a bed that still shares the same dimensions and overall sleep space of a king bed (usually 76 inches wide by 80 inches long), but that also gives each person full control over their long-term sleeping experience. Considering that the average person will spend approximately 229,961 hours asleep (or roughly equivalent to one-third of their total life span), the quality of the sleep that you’re able to get is always of the utmost importance. Split king beds — along with the sheets that go with them — are optimized to guarantee you’ll be able to do exactly that.

Also sometimes referred to as dual king sheet sets, these sheets come in a wide range of different materials for you to choose from, depending on your needs.
PeachSkinSheets Split King Sheet Sets are constructed from a breathable, high-functioning, athletic-grade SMART fabric. It’s an ideal solution for warm sleepers in particular due to the superior level of thermal control and moisture wicking that it provides.

Our SMART fabric also features an incredible softness level that has the feel of 1500 thread count cotton — all without the shrinkage, wrinkles and pilling that normally come with it. SMART fabric is available on all of our split king sheet sets, so this is absolutely something you’ll want to consider moving forward.

Constructed to Support Your Specific Mattress

The important thing to understand about all of this is that because a split king bed is made up of two separate mattresses, each one needs its own fitted bed sheet for the best results. Traditional king bedding won’t do this — split king sheets, on the other hand, will. In order to support the unique construction of a split king bed, you need sheets designed with those two separate mattresses in mind.

Additional Considerations

Once you’ve decided that split king sheets are the right choice for you, there are still a number of things you need to keep in mind before making a purchase. Some bedding sets come with one king fitted sheet and one king flat that is actually split at the top, rather than right down the middle. This is usually referred to as a “split head” sheet, and it’s useful for adjustable beds in particular. If one partner wants to raise their side of the bed while the other keeps it at a standard height, you won’t run into any issues with the sheets themselves. PeachSkinSheets does not carry split head sheets yet, but has plans to in the future.

Most often, split king sets include two extra-large twin sheets, one king flat and two king pillowcases — meaning that nothing is actually split. The difference is small, but it’s certainly something to consider, depending on the specific type of bed you’ve purchased.

Contact PeachSkinSheets Today

In the end, it’s clear that split king sheets bring with them a wide range of different benefits — particularly related to your comfort — that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Based on that, your next step involves finding the right provider to meet your needs — which is precisely where we come in.

At PeachSkinSheets, we’ve been offering our customers the best sheets for split king adjustable bed sets since 2013. To find out more information about our split king sheet sets, visit PeachSkinSheets.com!


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